Lost in the Movies: The Ballad of Laura Palmer • discussing Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me w/ the Uncut Gems podcast

The Ballad of Laura Palmer • discussing Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me w/ the Uncut Gems podcast

All year, the Uncut Gems podcast has been covering David Lynch films on their Patreon (in addition to two discussions on Twin Peaks, one for each season). In this particular case, the hosts have made the two-hour conversation on Fire Walk With Me available to the public for free but for a limited time (into August). So get it while it's hot! I joined the trio of Jakub Flasz, Nicolò Grasso, and Randy Burrows as a guest, in a cross-continental exchange which unfortunately succumbed to technical difficulties on my end. Despite the Black Lodge yanking me in and out of the chat, you'll still be able to hear my voice throughout the episode due to their heroic editing efforts. With two of the participants a touch more Lynch- and/or Fire Walk With Me-skeptical than the other two, an interesting dynamic develops. We all dig into whether the film undercuts itself by trying to include so much (at the expense of its heart and soul in their Laura Palmer story), or if in fact the surreal elements and series touchstones amplify rather than obscure the tragedy. While I obviously tend to come down more on the latter side, I can appreciate the former perspective as it very much corresponds to my own the first time I watched the film. We also contrast the first and second parts of the movie, explore favorite and least favorite moments, and ask if the film belongs in the horror genre (here's the Phenomena comparison piece I mention in my response).

If you're catching up with this post after the episode has been placed behind a paywall, or if you'd just like to preview it on a podcast app before heading over to the free Patreon page, here's the teaser they've released on their feed:

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