Lost in the Movies: Swing Time (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #43)

Swing Time (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #43)

The fifth season of my main public podcast kicks off with a new theme: "Hollywood Classics". Some of these episodes will bundle several capsules together, others will focus on a single film (all will be re-edited versions of material released initially for patrons, as with earlier seasons). Our first movie, Swing Time, touches on a subject that - like Twin Peaks - I discovered and celebrated while launching my site back in 2008. I'd seen one or two Astaire/Rogers musicals before then but I watched them with a new eye that autumn, thrilled by their elegant choreography and performances in a way that I'd previously been only by Gene Kelly, and charmed by the stars' chemistry, the cheerfully stylized sets, and the lighter-than-air narrative concoctions. Inside their oeuvre, Swing Time is a bit unusual for reasons I'll discuss, primarily related to the direction of George Stevens and the characters' slight distance from the more elite bubble of some (but not all) of their other films.

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by Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times)


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