Lost in the Movies: TWIN PEAKS CONVERSATIONS #12 w/ Counter Esperanto hosts Jubel Brosseau & Karl Eckler (YouTube & extended PATREON)

TWIN PEAKS CONVERSATIONS #12 w/ Counter Esperanto hosts Jubel Brosseau & Karl Eckler (YouTube & extended PATREON)

Numerous Twin Peaks podcasts have popped up in the past decade, most (including one of my own) following the episode-by-episode format - but few have taken as unique an approach as Counter Esperanto. Jubel Brosseau and Karl Eckler bring to their discussions a deep fascination with and knowledge of both weird fiction and local Pacific Northwest lore. This plus their evocative radio voices, eerie and transporting soundscapes, and penchant for reading haunting short stories by H.P. Lovecraft and other authors makes for one of the most atmospheric podcasts I've listened to, Twin Peaks or otherwise. Though they took several years off of their initial Peaks focus to cover a broader range of subjects, they've recently returned to The Return: hosting guests like John Thorne for retrospectives of different season three sections (although their musings tend to wander across the whole series). With that in mind, this seemed like a perfect time to finally contact them directly - after years of corresponding on Twitter and as guests and feedback-writers to the Sparkwood & 21 podcast in the mid-teens. In both the public and patron-exclusive parts of this conversation, we explore some familiar themes like the passage of time both before and since the new season, where that material fits in with the original series and Fire Walk With Me, and whether or not there will be (or should be) more Peaks. And given their specialty, we also explore topics that have not come up on Twin Peaks Conversations before, including their upbringing on the eastern side of Washington (where the pilot takes place, but not where it was shot) and how the visions of David Lynch - and Mark Frost - both complement and depart from literary concepts of "the Weird."

That question is particularly emphasized in the first half-hour of the podcast, up for free on YouTube...

PART 1 on YouTube

And we continue exploring Peaks and related subjects for another fifty-three minutes, exclusive to the $5/month tier...

Listen to...

The intro/outro music/soundscape comes from their episode

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