Lost in the Movies: (Extremely) Brief Appearances in TWIN PEAKS (1st Preface to TWIN PEAKS Character Series)

(Extremely) Brief Appearances in TWIN PEAKS (1st Preface to TWIN PEAKS Character Series)

The TWIN PEAKS Character Series surveys one hundred ten characters from the series Twin Peaks (1990-91 on ABC and 2017 on Showtime as The Return), the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992), and The Missing Pieces (2014), a collection of deleted scenes from that film. A new character study will appear every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday although patrons will have immediate access to each entry a month before it goes public. This entry is a preface surveying characters who won't get standalone treatment. There will be spoilers.

There are many faces and voices in Twin Peaks, dozens (even hundreds) we see or hear for just a few seconds. Sometimes we can't place them afterwards (and sometimes they're even hard to represent in pictures - hence Andy's two medical phone calls); on other occasions they're among the most memorable icons of Twin Peaks even if we only glimpse them for a moment.

The character series is a meal of many courses, and there are naturally appetizers. You can scroll through the columns I've lined up here but probably the best way to explore is to click on an image and linger for a moment. Together they form a running Rosencrantz and Guildenstern sideline to the full Twin Peaks narrative, from pilot to season three finale, as seen by the shooting stars who crossed the horizon so briefly.

Who were these people? Did they frequently interact with the more familiar folks we see alongside them? Or did they just lightly glance off the massive narratives of Cooper, Laura, Audrey this one time...do they view those legendary characters as mere bit players in their own dramatic lives? What are their stories? From next week on, starting with a line or two and eventually reaching dozens of pages, we'll be diving into individual narratives. Today, however, your imaginations will have to fill in those gaps.

And who is the man in the trenchcoat??!

Next (active on Wednesday, January 4 at 8am): A Collection of Minor Characters

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(at the time of publication, this includes blurbs on minor characters, a round-up of runners-up from season three, revised full entries on bonus characters, and full entries on new or revised characters among #86 - 52)

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