Lost in the Movies: Marie Antoinette from 2006 (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #49)

Marie Antoinette from 2006 (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #49)

With 2023 we begin a new season of my main public podcast, one that returns to the random assemblies of episodes throughout 2021 as opposed to the themes uniting seasons in 2020 (Ethan Hawke roles) and 2022 (first director couplets and then classic Hollywood). Though all these films will be twenty-first century releases, they span genres, forms, and modes of production. Ironically then, the film that kicks off this sixth season may not have a connection to the what follows, but Marie Antoinette certainly does have a connection to the episode that ended the previous season...Marie Antoinette. Last month, I discussed the 1938 Hollywood production in which the queen was played by Norma Shearer; this month, I'm moving onto the 2006 Sofia Coppola project casting Kirsten Dunst as the ill-fated ruler. Both of these episodes were originally recorded five years ago (in the reverse order), and it's interesting to listen back on how I viewed Coppola's Marie as something of a mid-2000s time capsule given its aesthetic and lack of engagement with the impending revolution, in contrast to the heated populist discourse of 2018. Now that very context itself seems, sadly, like something of a time capsule. In addition to teasing out the film's apolitical tenor, I examine Coppola's place among her Gen X peers, celebrate Marie Antoinette's celluloid texture, and hear back from a listener about why the director may have chosen the more compressed approach she did. This review also makes a nice companion to my current Patreon podcast trends, where I've been covering a wide swath of 2000s films in a recent episode (an approach that will conclude in the episode scheduled for late January).

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