Lost in the Movies: Spring update for the big Twin Peaks projects & more (status update)

Spring update for the big Twin Peaks projects & more (status update)

For the first time since resuming my TWIN PEAKS Character Series in January, I've paused the Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. This make sense for a couple reasons. Firstly, I want patrons to remain a month ahead of the public releases, and I was just beginning to scrape up against that month's distance with my backlog (I hit a snag with #31, initially scheduled for May 19 but now postponed along with the rest of the entries). I could resume the thrice-a-week schedule anytime before the third week of August and still comfortably finish the series in time for my late October deadline, although I hope it will return sooner than that. As revealed in the last entry before the pause, the Log Lady is next - a perfect place to pick up again when the time comes. Secondly, while I have lots of breathing room for the character series, my public release of the Lost in Twin Peaks podcast is approaching a tighter squeeze. If I want to publish a podcast per day, with a week of coverage on each episode of season two plus the season three finale, I need to start doing so by Saturday, May 22 in order to meet that same late October deadline for completion.

Despite the ticking clock, I'm continuing to limit work on both projects to "after hours" outside of the usual time I reserve for online work, as discussed in my end of 2022 update. This way I can prioritize finishing the monthly podcast feeds up through their June hiatus; organizing, preparing for, and ultimately recording Twin Peaks Conversations through September; finally wrapping up the multipart Patreon episode 100; and, with those obligations finally met, shift my focus to Journey Through Twin Peaks, hopefully by early May. I may also publish some written reviews of random films I see along the way (at least as long as the character series is paused), but clearing the way for Journey is the target of all my other work.

For updates on that endeavor, as well as advanced entries of the character series, back halves of conversations, and five years of archive material, I invite you as always to...

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