Lost in the Movies: Lost Highway as Twin Peaks Cinema #24 - Long Road Home (podcast)

Lost Highway as Twin Peaks Cinema #24 - Long Road Home (podcast)

This month I'm launching a new three-month theme, "Long Road Home", but this season's subject obviously ties directly into the previous one's. Like Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead, and Blue Velvet, Lost Highway is part of "The Lynchverse" that includes Twin Peaks. In this case, Highway was Peaks' direct successor in David Lynch's filmography, and it shares many obvious and subtle connections, some birthed directly from the experience of making a TV show and prequel feature (while others crystallized in the film and were echoed twenty years later when Peaks returned). However, I'm linking Lost Highway to upcoming films on this podcast, rather than the prior trilogy, for a couple reasons. A road (or several) runs through all of the spring's topics, routes which the characters either take from one place to another, travel in a circuit, or sit by to watch the world go past. These films are all concerned with the question of going home (or staying there), asking who belongs where and with whom. And finally, most explicitly, all three films are crucial to the career of longtime Lynch collaborator Mary Sweeney (whose work with Lynch I covered in a video essay, sampled on this podcast alongside a bonus discussion of Peaks' Evelyn Marsh storyline and its ties to Highway). In all three of the movies we'll be covering, Sweeney is editor and producer, in two of these she is writer, and in one she is director. That journey begins here, with Lynch very much in the driver's seat but Sweeney's unique sensibilities already transforming our impressions of their cinema.

UPDATE: I initially forgot to include listener feedback from patrons on this subject before adding this section to the episode five days later.

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Juliette Lewis on corvette (video clip from Natural Born Killers)

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