Lost in the Movies: Announcement: Lost in Twin Peaks Season 3 Finale delayed again

Announcement: Lost in Twin Peaks Season 3 Finale delayed again

Almost a week ago, I optimistically published the illustrated companion for an upcoming week of Lost in Twin Peaks podcasts on Season 3 Parts 17 & 18 - coverage of the finale to the limited series aired on Showtime in 2017. The first part of my coverage went up that day; the next was due on Sunday but still, five days later, isn't complete. Keep in mind, virtually all of this material was long ago recorded and published for patrons, and all I need to do is tweak the audio and re-arrange the subjects to fit my public format. But as I've been painfully learning for the past two years, this supposedly simple task is the most draining, time-consuming work I've ever done online. Especially with things I recorded back in 2018, I end up adjusting the levels and/or snipping out problem areas every second or so, and with three hours of original content in this case you can imagine how long that takes.

As a result, I've taken down the companion and that first episode and will only re-publish both when I've completely finished re-editing all of the Parts 17 & 18 coverage. Apologies for the delay; I put this announcement up on my feed this morning (embedded below) and expect the work will be ready in a week or two although I don't want to make any more promises given how the others have been going. You can probably expect a status update next Friday to keep abreast of not just this but several other key projects hanging on the precipice of indeterminate postponement, unless I can somehow figure out how to pick up the pace...

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