Lost in the Movies: June 2023 Patreon round-up including TWIN PEAKS Character Series advance

June 2023 Patreon round-up including TWIN PEAKS Character Series advance

For the third month in a row, Patreon activity was relatively quiet but this time at least I did manage to catch up with some monthly rewards: the exclusive back halves of two guest discussions (one of which may branch off into the long-delayed finale bonus for my main podcast). I also, just barely, managed to share an advance character study - my first since early May. In the coming weeks and months, I'm hoping to have much more advance material to share, including characters for the $1/month tier but also other work for those subscribing at $5/month. Additionally, there will be bonus conversations and, eventually, the Episode 100 extravaganza, still just partially recorded. For now, you can check out the $5/month-exclusive material from my last two "official" episodes of the Twin Peaks Conversations series (delayed from April and May), featuring hosts from a long-dormant podcast and an author who returned to my podcast to share his second book in two years, this time on Lost Highway...

As for the $1/month tier, mere minutes before midnight ended the month of June, I was able to crack the top thirty of my character series. This entry covers one of the eight major characters featured in the screenshot atop this round-up post; excluding the anonymous extra in the right background (and the already publicly covered Eileen Hayward and Mayor Milford) the subject must be either Hank Jennings, Ed Hurley, Nadine Hurley, Sarah Palmer, Pete Martell, Audrey Horne, Donna Hayward, or Norma Jennings. Who do you think it is? Well...

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