Lost in the Movies: Lost in the Movies 15th anniversary status update: archive/gallery/Top Posts updates + (maybe) a week of activity?

Lost in the Movies 15th anniversary status update: archive/gallery/Top Posts updates + (maybe) a week of activity?

This has been a slow period for my online work, especially considering that I planned for this summer to be a crescendo of long-delayed projects. However, I haven't given up yet on my attempt to reach late October deadlines. For now, I've recently updated several pages on this site, including Top Posts and a couple Archive chapters - #42 (Return of the Characters) and #43 (optimistically titled The Desert Before the Deluge). Although not ready yet, updates to The Picture Gallery will appear soon.

Meanwhile, two days from now Lost in the Movies turns fifteen years old. While I don't have an anniversary-specific post planned, I'd like to mark the occasion by finally releasing the last episode (#100) of my main Patreon podcast - in this case covering a dozen films in focus (full-length reviews running at least fifteen minutes rather than the usual capsules). So far I've recorded eight of these. If I can get four more completed in the next couple days I can stick to this plan; if not, maybe I'll release a partial episode. I also hoped to offer a post every day next week, following the schedule I've held since 2020: Patreon update on Sunday, TV viewing diary on Monday, video essay on Tuesday, written film-focused piece on Wednesday, public podcast on Thursday, random post on Friday, and Lost in Twin Peaks illustrated companion on Saturday.

This seems unlikely given the fact that I'm still focused on Sunday's Episode 100 and have had little time to tackle other pieces. If I can actually pursue these aims, then I'd publish the following entries: on Monday, a standalone Star Trek episode review (written for a never-continued diary years ago); on Tuesday, a non-narrated, off-kilter mash-up of Brideshead Revisited and Watership Down that I've had in mind for a decade; on Wednesday, a character study of the Log Lady (featured in The Missing Pieces and The Return, if those count as films); on Thursday, a conversation with Ashley Brandt on Sight and Sound's recently-anointed #1 film of all time, Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Bruxelles (which I just scheduled with her); on Friday an announcement of resumed work on Journey Through Twin Peaks; and on Saturday, the illustrated companion for a week of Lost in Twin Peaks season three finale podcasts. The remaining work for the Patreon episode makes it difficult to reach that "Watership Revisited" video so I am doubtful about this plan, but there it is.

If I can't execute this schedule as planned, I'll still keep myself busy by sharing TWIN PEAKS Character Series entries on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for at least a week or two if not longer. And all of those aforementioned posts will be published at one point or another. Though I shouldn't have much hope left, I still feel there may be a window to let me finish my three big projects in the next three months - alongside some other endeavors.

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