Lost in the Movies: July 2023 Patreon round-up including 4 TWIN PEAKS Character Series advances

July 2023 Patreon round-up including 4 TWIN PEAKS Character Series advances

(collage created by cowjumpedoverM in 2017)

Four full character entries were advanced for patrons this month, including three members of the above ensemble - characters who appeared in the first six episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return. That's a particularly broad clue but to narrow it down a little further, one of them is in fact - or at least, arguably - the top character introduced in that third season. There are several contenders for that title and I initially mixed up their screentime while sharing these, which required some re-arrangement. That's why #27 has yet to be previewed (it's almost complete at the time of this cross-post) despite carrying on to #26 and #25. That mix-up is also why I will pause the public schedule in a couple weeks; I want to ensure that patrons continue to stay a month ahead of that schedule. In addition to the Return-exclusive and Return/original series hybrid characters featured in July, I've finally shared an entry written way back in that summer of 2017, covering a character who last appeared in season two and was supposed to be next in line in my original character series (before I decided I was going to reboot the whole thing). After six years, it was a pleasure to take that entry out of draft mode limbo!

Normally, I publish these cross-posts on Sundays at 8am and if I miss that mark I just share them the following week instead - there's typically no rush. However, this one I wanted to get by noon in order for it to be up-to-date. By the end of today or tomorrow, the August schedule will begin and I'll already have new posts ready for patrons. In addition to the paradoxically "belated advance" character #27, the month should continue with character previews which will pick up even more rapidly in September. My current, last-little-thread hope for landing an increasingly unlikely October 31 deadline (not just for this series, but all three big Peaks projects) is to run a public character entry every single day in October. In turn, that means patrons would be able to read about the top character - and all those in between - by September 30. We'll see; either way the month-ahead schedule will remain enforced.

All those considerations and possibilities are open to the $1/month tier; additionally, $5/month tier patrons have begun receiving advance entries for my other not-yet-public work. In July this included same-day previews of the Barbie/Oppenheimer review (you can read the original patron intros here and here), but many $5/month upcoming rewards will be more advanced (including material destined for the $1/month tier, but not the broader public). There will be rewards more exclusive on a long-term basis, including a follow-up essay about the Barbenheimer phenomenon which will remain behind that particular paywall. Summer is not over yet and August looks promising for approaching certain goals I'd like to hit by Labor Day - including the long-delayed Episode 100 main podcast finale.

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