Lost in the Movies: *Link to Hank Jennings (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #36)

*Link to Hank Jennings (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #36)

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Hank Jennings is one of the most important characters we've covered so far, husband to a bona fide series star and an all-purpose villain in his own right. He participates in at least a half-dozen storylines but his own plot ends in The Secret History of Twin Peaks, ensuring he wouldn't return for the third season. In a certain sense, he couldn't have returned and wouldn't belong in that world. Hank is uniquely a throwback type, connecting Peaks to more standard genre fare with his criminal conniving and representing the "Frost touch" both in general sensibility and personal connection (like writer Robert Engels, actor Warren Frost, and others, actor Chris Mulkey was part of the "Minnesota mafia" connected to co-creator Mark Frost). Hank is peripheral yet crucial to the earlier show, having nothing to do with the Laura Palmer case but connected to so many other subplots. He disappears in episode 23 along with several other prominent characters, but unlike Albert and Jerry (and much like Josie, one of his accomplices) he never shows up again. Below you can read my original entry from 2017, in which I describe why I've always enjoyed this character more than many viewers...

The next entry flips this script in order to focus on a character entirely confined to The Return, whose history is with David Lynch rather than Mark Frost. See you Wednesday for that one...

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