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sharing audio/video clips on YouTube • first visual tributes • blogger-selected best of the blogosphere '09 posters from my childhood moviegoing, 1988 - 1998 • poster galleries for film directors Lost in the Movies (new blog for weekly reviews of current cinema) • this year's Academy Award nominees Holy Grail meme image collection Now Playing/New on DVD coverage (new releases from 2009/2010) Best of the 21st Century? • picture gallery meme • overview of six Star Wars films • beginning Remembering the Movies (what came out 10-100 years ago this weekend)The Wind in the Willows series • The Sunday Matinee (Italian/British/Czechoslovakian/French New Waves) • three Disney classics

Chapter 8: The Image Emerges (January - February 2010)
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Kicking off the new year (and decade) with a shot of Bulle Ogier

I can only imagine this nineties action film as a well-worn VHS tape

John Lennon quote from the early days of Beatlemania (also, my earliest YouTube clip - albeit audio only)

Picking apart the troubling implications of Leni Riefenstahl's propaganda, with the help of a Susan Sontag essay

As a new decade dawned, my very first visual tribute - to a film I'd reviewed a few weeks earlier, divided between country and city

For this round-up of the movie blogosphere, many bloggers submitted their own best work for sampling/visual display...a taste of where we were in '09

Sharing an unsettling Ub Iwerks toon

Tributes to a French auteur who passed away and a Hollywood star who turned 100

Updating my best of the blogosphere round-up

A clip of an MLK speech for his birthday

Thoughts on Scott Brown's special election to the Senate

Andrei Tarkovsky's last film, with a legendary long take of a burning house

A rant about getting rid of cable (because what are blogs for)

Excerpts from the essay "My Lost City"


Random collection of screen-caps, continuing the new visual emphasis in my work

Weaving together text and image in tribute to Pierrot le fou

Departing the Examiner site (includes links to original comments)

Considering films that became icons years after their release

Status update keeping track of updates and invitations over several sites

Soviet comedy with a more subtle approach than many of its contemporaries, but still very inventive and clever

Sharing a seriously unsettling Canadian cartoon

Watching a Howard Zinn documentary shortly after his death, very early in my first tentative steps toward the left

I never liked the word "indie"

Linking to an argument about criticism

A gallery of posters from a decade of moviegoing, from the four-year-old convincing his dad to take him to Twins in '88 to the fifteen-year-old catching Affliction in early '99

Arthur Rimbaud, screen-caps from The Rules of the Game and other relevant films, and a bunch of sadly defunct YouTube clips

The first of several poster galleries: Scorsese, from 1968 to 2010

Roberto Rossellini sends Ingrid Bergman to a volcanic island

Chapter 9: Four's Company (February - May 2010)
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Welcome to Lost in the Movies
Introducing a third blog, Lost in the Movies (*different* Lost in the Movies - it's confusing) to cover new releases in cinemas and on DVD

James Cameron's 3D super-blockbuster was first up among my Oscar contender/new release reviews

The Restoration: Glimpses of the Past - and Future?
Gathering images from hundreds of hard-to-see films sought out by various movie bloggers

We Are the Silver Screen Preservation Society...
Cross-promoting the Film Restoration round-up

Up in the Air
George Clooney's Oscar contender, too slick or just slick enough to suit its subject?

Best of the 21st Century?
Kicking off a more stable Best of the 21st Century? series, which will continue weekly or biweekly throughout the year, based on an updated list covering the full decade

Clint Eastwood's easygoing film about post-apartheid South African rugby

The posters of Stanley Kubrick
A poster gallery for Kubrick, 1952-1999

A Single Man
Revisiting the early sixties with Colin Firth and Julianne Moore

"I'm not crazy."
Hilariously awkward Jaws deleted scene

28 Days In, and out...
Highlighting work from the past month


An Education
Carey Mulligan's breakthrough in a coming-of-age story

The Hurt Locker
Oscar coverage and a renewed Best of the 21st Century? series with this film

The Academy Awards on Wonders in the Dark
Rounding up the Wonders in the Dark coverage of the 2009 Oscar contenders

Bright Star
Jane Campion films the romance of Fanny Brawne and John Keats

Inglourious Basterds
The alternate history of World War II, according to Quentin Tarantino

And the winner was...
Recapping the last full Oscar broadcast I would watch in this decade

Still Life
Best of the 21st Century? continues with my first Jia Zhangke film, mixing magic and documentation to convey modern Chinese development

The Posters of Steven Spielberg
A poster gallery for Spielberg, 1971-2008

New on DVD: Precious and Capitalism: A Love Story
My first "new on DVD" review from 2010, a double-header from Lee Daniels and Michael Moore

Now Playing: Green Zone
Not a particularly well-received film (I liked it more than most at the time), this awoke lingering memories of the Iraq invasion from a stateside perspective

Where the Wild Things Are
I really liked Spike Jonze's riff on Maurice Sendak's classic picture book

Summer Hours
Three trios reveal themselves in Olivier Assayas' film: international, intergenerational, and sibling (one of my favorite Best of the 21st Century? pieces)

The Posters of David Lynch
The last of my poster galleries: for Lynch, 1977-2006

New on DVD: The Blind Side
Really did not care for this one, but I think I was able to articulate my objections effectively

And then there were 10...
Getting ready for Allan Fish's Top Ten of the Silent Countdown

Now playing: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Swedish adaptation (apparently edited down from a miniseries) of the bestselling mystery novel

"Spring was moving in the air above"
Stepping into a new season that would hold more changes than I expected

Gus Van Sant's school shooting study, whose relevance unfortunately did not go away with time

New on DVD: Brothers
Millennials reach maturity in (some) onscreen depictions

100 Classics of Silent Cinema
Wonders in the Dark concludes a silent era countdown

Now Playing: Greenberg
Greta Gerwig and the influence of mumblecore mellow the bilious Noah Baumbach

New on DVD: Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey, Jr. adding another franchise to his belt


Now Playing: How to Train Your Dragon
Dragons and western warcraft mythos - my last new release review in the spring push before slowing down and ending two sites

Twin Peaks at 20
Rounding up my old episode guide, this directory was my last Twin Peaks-centered post for close to four years

Tropical Malady
Through the tail end of this period, as most of my activity paused, I continued my Best of the 21st Century? series, here covering my second Apichatpong Weerasethakul fable

The Dardennes brothers depict of a fumbling youth as a kind of arthouse videogame avatar in this Best of the 21st Century? entry


The Gleaners & I
Agnes Varda's inventive essay film provided a wonderful surprise when I covered it for Best of the 21st Century?

The 80s Tape: Commercial Break
Advertisements for kids' products taped off Saturday morning cartoons when I was four or five

The Lives of Others
I had more reservations than expected while watching this drama about East German surveillance for Best of the 21st Century?

Chapter 10: Heading Home (June - September 2010)
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Re-launching my main site after closing down various satellite blogs - although I still wasn't sure if I'd carry on, this turned into a fruitful summer

Visit the picture gallery
Creating a picture gallery for the site that has continued expanding over the years

A Serious Man
Mystified by the Coen brothers' mysticism, as the Best of the 21st Century? series begins alternating with other posts

Boomer Baseball: Field of Dreams & the American 60s
Field of Dreams is not just a film about baseball, it's a film about the sixties - particularly how a segment of baby boomers envisioned their own past and legacy in the late eighties

The World
Jia Zhangke uses the microcosm of a Chinese theme park to explore intersections of illusion and reality - another Jia gem discovered through Best of the 21st Century?

Cities of the Imagination
I loved compiling this reflection on city dreams, incorporating Carl Jung, Jia Zhangke, and Michel Gondry


Fantastic Mr. Fox
Best of the 21st Century? leads me to Wes Anderson's first foray into stop-motion

In the Beginning...
Some of my favorite opening frames in cinema history (+ initiating a "picture gallery" meme in which bloggers offered themed screencap collections - all responses linked alongside my own entry)

A Century of Wonders
Celebrating Allan Fish's decade countdowns with an image from every single film

Notes on the Star Wars saga
After watching all six of the existing Star Wars films in story order, I acknowledged their appeal and complications

The Fall and Redemption of Anakin Skywalker
The entire arc of Darth Vader told through screenshots, from the orphan kid to the dying man


The third Jia film in the Best of the 21st Century? series, a survey of Chinese transformation in the eighties, ended up being my favorite

"What's the difference?" (The Asphalt Jungle & The Killing)
Two fifties noir Sterling Hayden heist films featuring horses - a double review

The House of Mirth
Sensitive direction and performance by Terence Davies and Gillian Anderson make for poignant adaptation (Best of the 21st Century? series)

"From now on, continuity shots are out": Reading Godard
Time for a few Jean-Luc Godard quotes, shared on Wonders in the Dark

Civilisation in Pictures
Visual tribute to the sixties BBC art series via hundreds of screenshots

Wendy and Lucy
Watching this film for Best of the 21st Century?, I felt more engrossed as it went along - which may be the point


The Fly
Comparing the '58 and '86 versions of The Fly

Hooray for (Hating) Hollywood
A couple years after its conclusion, the entries for my Hooray for (Hating) Hollywood series were gathered into one place

Chapter 11: Golden Age (September 2010 - January 2011)
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100 Years and Counting: Remembering the Movies, September 10 - 16
Kicking off a series in which I discuss movies that came out in ten-year intervals on a given weekend

The Fall of the Dancing Image
Announcing a new schedule for autumn 2010, one of the most productive periods on my site

The Wind in the Willows - Introductions
Leaping into one of my most ambitious projects up to that time, an in-depth exploration of Kenneth Grahame's story illustrated by images from the film adaptations

Moolaadé (Best of the 21st Century?)
My "unseen acclaimed films" series becomes weekly with Ousmane Sembene's colorful, political masterpiece set in a Burkinese village

The Corruption of Michael Corleone
Visual tribute to Michael Corleone's arc from infancy to the consolidation of his power as "godfather"

Remembering the Movies: Sep. 17 - 23
What came out this week in history, featuring Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, and William Wyler, plus Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, and the Great Bambino

White Dog
Sam Fuller's film about a dog trained - and then untrained - to be racist

The Wind in the Willows - The River Bank
The mixture of comfort and adventure in this location captures the divided spirit of Wind in the Willows (culminating with the Piper at the Gates of Dawn)

The Son (Best of the 21st Century?)
Work as redemption - or escape

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
Pictures from The Company of Wolves, a striking mashup of fairy tale and monster movie

Remembering the Movies, Sep. 24 -30
What came out this week in movie history, featuring Sly, Uma, and Judy

Michael Collins: Taking Liberties with History
The question of historical fidelity in an Irish biopic (reprinting a 2004 essay)

The Wind in the Willows - The Wild Wood
The Black Lodge of The Wind in the Willows

Waltz with Bashir (Best of the 21st Century?)
Animation as conduit for the fog of war

Pink Elephants on Parade!
Freeze frames from the drunken Dumbo's hallucinations


Remembering the Movies, Oct. 1 - 7
What came out this week in movie history, featuring films by David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Raoul Walsh, and Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Imagine: John Lennon
Watching a John Lennon doc on what would have been his seventieth birthday

The Wind in the Willows - The Wide World
What exists beyond the boundaries of Kenneth Grahame's world may be as important to its definition as what exists within

My Winnipeg (Best of the 21st Century?)
Tall tales told by the glow of an arc light rather than a campfire

Shaking the Foundations
My first tribute (in this case visual) to one of the most frequently featured films on my site, Fists in the Pocket

Remembering the Movies, Oct. 8 - 14
What came out this week in movie history, featuring a Broadway-themed film and a film adapted from Broadway as well as a couple John Fords

The Sunday Matinee
Expanding my fall 2010 schedule to six days for a series that will end up covering four European New Waves

The Social Network
Discussing the Facebook film on Facebook (not as easy to assemble as it sounds, but a lot of fun)

The Wind in the Willows - Open Road
The Edwardian age and the cult of the automobile, as my Willows series reaches Mr. Toad's adventures

Gosford Park (Best of the 21st Century?)
Robert Altman's slyly subversive take on the British country home genre

Snapshots of a gorgeous trip into outer space, reconfigured two decades after the Apollo missions for the documentary For All Mankind

Remembering the Movies, Oct. 15 - 21
What came out this week in movie history, featuring Cecil B. De Mille, Charlie Chaplin, and Francois Truffaut, among others

The Sunday Matinee: Fists in the Pocket
Underrated slice of sixties cinema, to introduce an Italian New Wave triptych

The Director's Chair
Some of my favorite directors illustrated by a credit screencap from one of their films

The Wind in the Willows - Toad Hall
How does The Wind in the Willows deal with class (and how does this relate to the time it was written?), with reference to Jan Needle's revisionist The Wild Wood, which takes the weasel underclass' point of view

The Headless Woman (Best of the 21st Century?)
Sometimes disorientation can be clarifying

The Devil's Ball
Animated antecedent to Fantasia and The Nightmare Before Christmas, screencaps from a single sequence in The Mascot

Remembering the Movies, Oct. 22 - 28
What came out this week in movie history, featuring Buster Keaton, Luis Bunuel, and a rare Ingmar Bergman

The Sunday Matinee: Il Posto
A job begins with neither dread nor grandeur, but everyday curiosity

Fragments of Cinephilia
Random reflections from my IMDb message board days, gathered a few years later

The Wind in the Willows - Animal Kingdom
How Kenneth Grahame navigates the complicated anthropomorphism of his tale

Atanarjuat (Best of the 21st Century?)
An Inuit oral tradition given cinematic form

The Singer Not the Song
Faerie Tale Theatre episode "The Nightingale" directed by Ivan Passer and starring Mick Jagger, represented by a few dozen frames

Remembering the Movies, Oct. 29 - Nov. 4
What came out this week in movie history, featuring some Halloween themes

The Sunday Matinee: Before the Revolution
Communism, Catholicism, and especially Cinephilia: belief systems in tension (drawing the Italian part of my Sunday Matinee series to a close)


My #1 horror film: The Shining
In honor of the Wonders in the Dark countdown, I pick my own favorite

The Wind in the Willows - Dulce Domum
The final entry, exploring Kenneth Grahame's life and its intersections with The Wind in the Willows' theme of home

In Praise of Love (Best of the 21st Century?)
A Jean-Luc Godard film that didn't really click for me although I found the latter half frequently beautiful

Hell is Where the Heart is
Few have taken to color filmmaking after a long black and white career as readily, beautifully, and ferociously as Federico Fellini (as this visual tribute to Juliet of the Spirits attests!)

Remembering the Movies, Nov. 5 - 11
What came out this week in movie history, featuring an early start to the holiday season

The Sunday Matinee: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner
Kicking off the British "kitchen sink" part of my Sunday Matinee series

Psycho: Long Night at the Bates Motel
Written after seeing the Alfred Hitchcock classic on the big screen for the first time

The Wind in the Willows - Conclusions
Gathering all the Wind in the Willows entries in one spot - this series is one of my favorite things I've ever done

Let Them All In... Let the Right One In book/movie/remake
Comparing various adaptations of Let the Right One In: how do they deal with different aspects of the story, including point of view, society, and gender?

Little Green Men
Visual tribute to the spaceship sequence of alien abduction thriller Fire in the Sky

Remembering the Movies, Nov. 12 - 18
What came out this week in movie history, featuring a John Ford, a Yasujiro Ozu, and two animated Disney features

Silent Light (Best of the 21st Century?)
Visual tribute to a sunrise, the quiet opening of an acclaimed Mexican film

The Sunday Matinee: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Albert Finney in an "angry young man" film that feels both sturdier and more volatile than some of the others

Eight Arms to Hold You
Help! is far from the best Beatles film, but it's possibly the most gorgeous - this collection of screenshots revels in that realization

Remembering the Movies, Nov. 19 - 25
What came out this week in movie history, with a new, more stylish visual format

The Sunday Matinee: This Sporting Life and Billy Liar
My favorite from my Sunday Matinee series - an overview of early sixties British cinema with emphasis on two '63 films, both representing a rupture but each indicating a different direction

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
Pictures from Daisies' epic banquet/food fight just in time for Thanksgiving

Remembering the Movies, Nov. 26 - Dec. 2
What came out this week in movie history, featuring W.C. Fields, Douglas Fairbanks, and Fred Astaire among the icons on display

The Sunday Matinee: Loves of a Blonde
My favorite Milos Forman film kicks off the Czechoslovakian New Wave section of the Sunday Matinee series

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty
Two Disney classics, considered side by side as representatives of different eras in the studio's history


Remembering the Movies, Dec. 3 - 9
What came out this week in movie history, featuring an argument about Gimme Shelter between Pauline Kael and the Maysles brothers

The Sunday Matinee: Daisies
Vera Chytilova's bold yet ambiguous sixties classic

I Vant to Link Your Blog
Inviting movie bloggers to pick their favorite pieces from 2010

Remembering the Movies, Dec. 10-16
What came out this week in movie history, featuring extremes of both violence and pacifism

The Sunday Matinee: Miraculous Virgin
Underseen Slovakian masterpiece from the sixties

Lady and the Tramp: A Dog's World
A Disney film uniquely places itself in the recognizable world of the recent past

Remembering the Movies, Dec. 17 - 23
What came out this week in movie history, featuring grouchy old men redeemed from Scrooge to Forrester

The Sunday Matineee: Les Bonnes Femmes
Claude Chabrol sneaks up on you while other French New Wavers make more flamboyant debuts

My #1 animated film: Street of Crocodiles
Using the Wonders in the Dark animation countdown as an excuse to highlight a Quay brothers classic

Visual Tributes (What's in a Day?)
Teasing three upcoming screencap line-ups

Man vs. Machine
The ending of Steven Spielberg's Duel as a series of screenshots

Snow White Gets St. James Infirmary Blues
Betty Boop does her own twist on Snow White, and I pay visual tribute

Good Grief and Merry Christmas
On the eve of Christmas Eve, I offered one more visual tribute to a favorite cartoon special

Remembering the Movies, Dec. 24 - 30
What came out this week in movie history, featuring a couple international crime sagas and animated musicals

The Sunday Matinee: Cleo From 5 to 7
The French New Wave portion of my Sunday Matinee series continues with Agnes Varda's real-time classic

The Year of the Blog: The Dancing Image in 2010
Recalling a whirlwind 2010, with many links embedded

Remembering the Movies, Dec. 31 - Jan. 6
What came out this week in movie history, including some fascinating but relatively little-known titles from one of the most consistently quiet times of the yearly release schedule

(I covered this year on Episodes 8, 9, 10, and 11 of my Patreon podcast)

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