Lost in the Movies: THE ARCHIVE Chapter 29: Packing the Podcast (January - March 2018)

THE ARCHIVE Chapter 29: Packing the Podcast (January - March 2018)

Having tried my hand at many different formats on many different platforms over the years, I finally answered the siren call of both Patreon and podcasting in the winter of 2018. Initially, second-tier patrons were able to select "films in focus" and so I soon found myself covering multiple films per episode, updated alongside other Patreon endeavors on my main site every week. This dense approach proved way too ambitious but while it lasted it allowed me to re-engage with reviewing movies for the first time in a while (aside from revisiting films that were already personal favorites).

Subjects include a couple of the third-generation Star Wars films, a comparison between Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks, two cinematic interpretations of Marie Antoinette's legacy, a pair of Christopher Nolan films, and a guest conversation on the Blade Runner sequel.

With the bulk of this period hiding behind a paywall (albeit only a $1 paywall!) for non-patrons I'll highlight the public essay Creating Journey Through Twin Peaks (pt. 2 of 3), detailing the creative and critical process behind Journey for the third anniversary of that video series.


Lost in the Movies on Patreon
Joining Patreon as 2018 begins

Patreon update #1: The Last Jedi & more
Reviewing Star Wars' Episode VII to initiate my podcast

Patreon update #2: Mulholland Drive & Twin Peaks (+ Reactionary Boomers, Stranger Things & more)
My podcast explores how David Lynch's TV pilot-turned-film relates to his popular TV series

My film Class of 2002 - 5th Anniversary
Looking back across a half-decade at my short film, which itself looks back on the previous decade

Patreon update #3: Army of Shadows (+ Hill Street Blues/Mark Frost & more)
My podcast covers Jean-Pierre Melville's French Resistance classic

Patreon update #4: Interstellar & The Prestige (+ millennials, Soviet communism, mumblecore & more) and preview for Fire Walk With Me as horror/art film & Fellini montage
A Christopher Nolan double feature on my podcast


Patreon update #5: Marie Antoinette & Heart of a Dog (+ The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, French response to #MeToo, Roman Polanski, SMILF, The Stepfather & more)
Pairing two different life stories for my podcast

Creating Journey Through Twin Peaks (pt. 2 of 3)
Chronicling the process of making my Twin Peaks videos

Patreon update #6: Inherent Vice, Monkey Business & High-Rise (+ history of video essays, Donkeyskin/Fire Walk With Me & more) and preview of the TWIN PEAKS Character Series "Rules"
On my podcast, three disparate films characterized by a descent into narrative chaos, disintegrating social norms

Patreon update #7: Blade Runner 2049 w/ Max Clark (+ music of Journey Through Twin Peaks & more)
A guest joins my podcast to discuss the Blade Runner sequel

Patreon update #8: Carnival of Souls, Upstream Color & The Shanghai Gesture (+ Christoper Nolan & more) and preview of Come On Over, Veronique (Kieslowski Montage)
My podcast unites a diverse triptych with a common narrative: a young woman struggles internally and externally with forces that seem beyond her control


#10YearsOfLostInTheMovies start now
The announcement of an ongoing Twitter thread sharing my whole archive ten pieces at a time

Patreon update #9: High and Low & Elephant (+ podcast recommendations & more)
The last double feature for my podcast applies an intense formal focus to themes of violence and social division

Lost in Twin Peaks #9 - Pay Dirt!: discussing my Patreon podcast w/ Twin Peaks Unwrapped
A podcast I'd been a guest on many times invited me back to talk about my own podcast

Patreon update #10: Rogue One, Brawl in Cell Block 99 & Marie Antoinette (+ Mark Twain on the French Revolution, right-wing hypocrisy, Eisenstein vs. Griffith & more) and preview of the TWIN PEAKS Character Series Top 30 Runners-Up from The Return
Hard to find the common thread in the films covered by the tenth podcast although they do all have similar outcomes

(I covered this period on Episode 27 of my Patreon podcast)

Next: The Spring of TV (March - July 2018)
(in which viewing diaries and a rewatch podcast keep me posting every day)

Previous: Living in the Return (May - December 2017)

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