Lost in the Movies: THE ARCHIVE Chapter 8: The Image Emerges (January - February 2010)

THE ARCHIVE Chapter 8: The Image Emerges (January - February 2010)

Chapter 8: The Image Emerges (January - February 2010)

Right away as the new decade hit, I began featuring images more prominently on my sites. They were incorporated into visual tributes featuring screenshots from a single or multiple works, line-ups of posters spanning many years, and multimedia approaches mixing pictures with quotes. Having ended my commitment to the Examiner, my online work was at least temporarily taking on a more impulsive, immersive air.

Subjects include my second round-up of other bloggers' work, quotes from F. Scott Fitzgerald, reflections on fascist propaganda, my first YouTube video (ironically, audio-only), and why I never liked the term "indie."

My highlight for this period is, of course, image-heavy; They Once Were Coming Attractions... (memories of my movie past, 1988 - 1998) uses film posters to convey a thorough survey of my childhood moviegoing as well as aesthetic shifts over a decade of poster design.


How cool is this picture?
Kicking off the new year (and decade) with a shot of Bulle Ogier

Patriot Games
I can only imagine this nineties action film as a well-worn VHS tape

"Smoking hernia and taking odium, and getting very high (some were only four foot three high, but he had Indian hump, which he grew in his sleep)."
John Lennon quote from the early days of Beatlemania (also, my earliest YouTube clip - albeit audio only)

Triumph of the Will
Picking apart the troubling implications of Leni Riefenstahl's propaganda, with the help of a Susan Sontag essay

Images from Syndromes and a Century
As a new decade dawned, my very first visual tribute - to a film I'd reviewed a few weeks earlier, divided between country and city

Blog 09
For this round-up of the movie blogosphere, many bloggers submitted their own best work for sampling/visual display...a taste of where we were in '09

Balloon Land
Sharing an unsettling Ub Iwerks toon

Goodbye and Happy Birthday
Tributes to a French auteur who passed away and a Hollywood star who turned 100

Update on Blog 09
Updating my best of the blogosphere round-up

In honor of Dr. King
A clip of an MLK speech for his birthday

January 20, 2010 - wither the new epoch?
Thoughts on Scott Brown's special election to the Senate

The Sacrifice
Andrei Tarkovsky's last film, with a legendary long take of a burning house

Goodbye, TV
A rant about getting rid of cable (because what are blogs for)

Echoes of Fitzgerald
Excerpts from the essay "My Lost City"


Captured screens
Random collection of screen-caps, continuing the new visual emphasis in my work

Two Things We Know About Pictures
Weaving together text and image in tribute to Pierrot le fou

End of the Examiner
Departing the Examiner site (includes links to original comments)

Popular, eventually
Considering films that became icons years after their release

What's up...
Status update keeping track of updates and invitations over several sites

Bed and Sofa
Soviet comedy with a more subtle approach than many of its contemporaries, but still very inventive and clever

Tony de Peltrie
Sharing a seriously unsettling Canadian cartoon

Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train
Watching a Howard Zinn documentary shortly after his death, very early in my first tentative steps toward the left

Is Indie Dead?
I never liked the word "indie"

They Once Were Coming Attractions... (memories of my movie past, 1988 - 1998)
A gallery of posters from a decade of moviegoing, from the four-year-old convincing his dad to take him to Twins in '88 to the fifteen-year-old catching Affliction in early '99

Danses macabres
Arthur Rimbaud, screen-caps from The Rules of the Game and other relevant films, and a bunch of sadly defunct YouTube clips

The posters of Martin Scorsese
The first of several poster galleries: Scorsese, from 1968 to 2010

Roberto Rossellini sends Ingrid Bergman to a volcanic island

(I covered this period on Episode 8 of my Patreon podcast)

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(in which I make one last attempt to become a regular reviewer)

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