Lost in the Movies: The Movie Timeline

The Movie Timeline


For a more up-to-date selection, browse all films organized VISUALLY by film reviewvideo essay, and podcasts (films in focus and film capsules) in their own respective visual directories.

However, a few entries including visual tributes and "Remembering the Movies" inclusions, are only linked below.

A complete (until 2018) chronological directory of all movies featured on The Dancing Image

Looking for a movie? Here you'll find everything covered on the site - prose, image, video, quotation - laid out in historical order, beginning with the silent era and coming right up to the present day. (For alphabetical listings, visit the main directory.)

Here's how to navigate the timeline:

* - All pieces marked with an asterisk are reviews written by me, mostly essays, a few capsules, and some as part of a larger piece (or discussion).

(image) - These are visual tributes, collections of screen-captured images from the films in question.

(clip) - These are video clips selected, edited, and posted by me, usually compiled into a larger chapter of clips. The time indicates where a particular clip appears (though it's usually more interesting to watch the whole chapter).

(video essay) - These are original video works created by me, using images and sounds from particular films, with or without additional narration.

(100 favorites) - In 2011, I made a list of 100 favorite movies. I provided a picture and a few sentences for each selection. Here I've included the # for easy browsing.
(Sheryl Lee) - I wrote a line or two about almost all of this actress' roles in an illustrated filmography; follow the link to read these blurbs.

(conversation w/...) - Occasionally I have interviewed someone - or been interviewed - on the topic of a particular film or TV show. These include podcasts as well as written interviews.

(Remembering the Movies) - Every weekend for 9 months, I paid tribute to the films that came out 10 - 100 years ago. These usually feature images, trailers, and quotes from critics.

(text of...) - In a few cases I have posted essays and/or excerpts by other authors, either because I could not find them online elsewhere or because I wanted to highlight certain passages without commentary.
(Patreon podcast) - For $1, you have access to all the Films in Focus I've covered on my weekly podcast. These discussions (usually solo but occasionally with a guest) run about fifteen minutes.

So rev up the DeLorean, and enjoy your trip. Let's start at the beginning...

The Nineteenth Century
Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Pawnee Bill's Far East (Remembering the Movies)
A Child's Sacrifice (Remembering the Movies)
A Christmas Carol (Remembering the Movies)
A Cowboy's Vindication (Remembering the Movies)
*The Fugitive (Remembering the Movies)
A Lad from Old Ireland (Remembering the Movies)
Making Christmas Crackers (Remembering the Movies)
*The Oath and the Man (Remembering the Movies)
The Queen of Spades (Remembering the Movies)
Rose o' Salem Town (Remembering the Movies)
*Slippery Jim (Remembering the Movies)
That Chink at Golden Gulch (Remembering the Movies)
The Tin-Type Romance (Remembering the Movies)
The Toymaker, the Doll, and the Devil (Remembering the Movies)
Under the Stars and Bars (Remembering the Movies)
*The Unchanging Sea
*The Userer
At the Duke's Command (Remembering the Movies)
His Bogus Uncle (Remembering the Movies)
*Enoch Arden
*His Trust
His Trust (Remembering the Movies)
L'Inferno (Remembering the Movies)
The Italian Barber (Remembering the Movies)
Little Nemo (Remembering the Movies)
The Lonedale Operator (Remembering the Movies)
Madame Rex (Remembering the Movies)
*The Miser's Heart
The Mummy (Remembering the Movies)
The Savage Girl's Devotion (Remembering the Movies)
Sweet Memories (Remembering the Movies)
A Tale of Two Cities (Remembering the Movies)
Troublesome Secretaries  (Remembering the Movies)
Tweedledum, Aviator (Remembering the Movies)
An Unexpected Review (Remembering the Movies)
What Shall We Do with Our Old? (Remembering the Movies)
*The Burglar's Dilemma
The Cameraman's Revenge (clip 0:14)
*The Cheat
Intolerance (clip 0:50)

Anne Boleyn (Remembering the Movies)
*Convict 13 (Remembering the Movies)
Erotikon (Remembering the Movies)
*The Golem (Remembering the Movies)
Headin' Home (Remembering the Movies)
Kismet (Remembering the Movies)
Last of the Mohicans (Remembering the Movies)
*The Mark of Zorro (Remembering the Movies)
Neighbors (Remembering the Movies)
Nomads of the North (Remembering the Movies)
Number Please? (Remembering the Movies)
The Parson's Widow (Remembering the Movies)
The Restless Sex (Remembering the Movies)
The Round-Up (Remembering the Movies)
Something to Think About (Remembering the Movies)
The Thief (Remembering the Movies)
*Way Down East
Avant-Garde short films (clip 1:23)
Brewster's Millions (Remembering the Movies)
Bunty Pulls the Strings (Remembering the Movies)
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Remembering the Movies)
Das Grinsende Gesich (Remembering the Movies)
Education of Elizabeth (Remembering the Movies)
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Remembering the Movies)
Hamlet (Remembering the Movies)
The Haunted Castle (Remembering the Movies)
The Haunted House (Remembering the Movies)
The Kid (Remembering the Movies)
Leaves out of Satan's Book (Remembering the Movies)
The Mistress of Shenstone (Remembering the Movies)
Now or Never (Remembering the Movies)
*Orphans of the Storm
The Phantom Carriage (clip 1:59)
The Phantom Carriage (video essay)
Queen of Sheba (Remembering the Movies)
The Sky Pilot (Remembering the Movies)
A Small Town Idol (Remembering the Movies)
Uncharted Seas (Remembering the Movies)
*Foolish Wives
Haxan (video essay)
*Nanook of the North
Nosferatu (clip 2:34)
*Our Hospitality
La Roue (100 favorites #76)
*La Roue
La Roue (clip 3:10)
The Saga of Gosta Berling (clip 3:40)
*Warning Shadows
*The Adventures of Prince Achmed
Emak-Bakia (100 favorites #92)
Emak-Bakia (clip 1:50)
Faust (100 favorites #91)
*The General
The General (clip 5:39)
The Lodger (clip 0:34)
Menilmontant (clip 5:10)
Metropolis (clip 1:06)
The Scarlet Letter (clip 0:05)

*Abraham Lincoln
*L'Age d'Or (Remembering the Movies)
The Big Trail (Remembering the Movies)
The Doorway to Hell (Remembering the Movies)
Feet First (Remembering the Movies)
The Gorilla Mystery (clip 0:43)
*The Gorilla Mystery (Remembering the Movies)
The Gorilla Mystery (Patreon podcast)
*Just Imagine (Remembering the Movies)
Min and Bill (Remembering the Movies)
*Morocco (Remembering the Movies)
Murder for Sale (Remembering the Movies)
Mysterious Mose (Remembering the Movies)
Pioneer Days (Remembering the Movies)
Tom Sawyer (Remembering the Movies)
Up the River (Remembering the Movies)
Way for a Sailor (Remembering the Movies)
What a Widow! (Remembering the Movies)
Whoopee! (Remembering the Movies)
Charlie Chan Carries On (Remembering the Movies)
Cimarron (Remembering the Movies)
*City Lights
City Lights (clip 1:19)
City Lights (Remembering the Movies)
The Criminal Code (Remembering the Movies)
Dracula (Remembering the Movies)
Drácula (Remembering the Movies)
Fighting Caravans (Remembering the Movies)
The Front Page (Remembering the Movies)
Little Caesar (Remembering the Movies)
*Madchen in Uniform
Man of the World (Remembering the Movies)
Le Million (Remembering the Movies)
Other Men's Women (Remembering the Movies)
The Public Enemy (clip 2:31)
The Public Enemy (Remembering the Movies)
Rango (Remembering the Movies)
The Skin Game (Remembering the Movies)
Skippy (Remembering the Movies)
*The Struggle
The Struggle (clip 1:58)
The Threepenny Opera (Remembering the Movies)
*Tokyo Chorus
The Black Cat
The Gay Divorcee (clip 6:21)
The Gay Divorcee (images & Arlene Croce's text)
The Gay Divorcee (clips)
*It's a Gift
The Mascot (images)
The Band Concert (clip 0:34)
The Band Concert (Patreon podcast)
Captain Blood (clip 0:05)
Mickey's Garden (Patreon podcast)
Roberta (clips)
The 39 Steps (clip 1:35)
Top Hat (clip 1:07)
Top Hat (clips)
Top Hat (clips in a video)
*Triumph of the Will
Wife! Be Like a Rose (clip 2:06)
La Belle Equipe (clip 2:38)
Follow the Fleet (clips)
*Mr. Thank You
Modern Times (video essay)
Modern Times (clip 3:48)
Moving Day (Patreon podcast)
Rembrandt (clip 3:14)
Swing Time (clip 4:20)
Swing Time (clips)
Swing Time (Patreon podcast)
The Awful Truth (clip 6:29)
*Grand Illusion
Grand Illusion (clip 5:21)
Make Way for Tomorrow (clip 4:51)
Shall We Dance (clips)
*Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
*Stage Door
*The Story of the Fox
The Story of the Fox (clip 5:56)
*You Only Live Once
The Adventures of Robin Hood (100 favorites #80)
*The Adventures of Robin Hood
The Adventures of Robin Hood (clip 1:38)
Brave Little Tailor (Patreon podcast)
Bringing Up Baby (clip 0:05)
Carefree (clips)
A Christmas Carol (clip 2:05)
Holiday (clip 3:08)
The Lady Vanishes (clip 2:35)
Marie Antoinette (Patreon podcast)
Mickey's Trailer (Patreon podcast)
Porky in Wackyland (clip 1:08)
Three Comrades (clip 0:37)
The Whalers (Patreon podcast)
Drums Along the Mohawk (clip 4:47)
Earth (clip 5:20)
Gone With the Wind (100 favorites #74)
*Gone With the Wind
*Gone With the Wind (II)
*Goodbye, Mr. Chips
*The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Only Angels Have Wings (clip 4:14)
*The Rules of the Game
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (clips)
The Wizard of Oz (100 favorites #79)
*The Wizard of Oz
The Wizard of Oz (images)
Young Mr. Lincoln (100 favorites #24)
*Young Mr. Lincoln
*Young Mr. Lincoln (II)
Young Mr. Lincoln (clip 3:43)

The Bank Dick (Remembering the Movies)
*The Bear’s Tale
Comrade X (Remembering the Movies)
Fantasia (Remembering the Movies)
The Grapes of Wrath (clip 5:48)
The Great Dictator (clip 1:12)
The Great Dictator (Remembering the Movies)
The Green Archer (Remembering the Movies)
His Girl Friday (clip 4:46)
Jew Süss (Remembering the Movies)
Kitty Foyle (Remembering the Movies)
The Letter (Remembering the Movies)
The Long Voyage Home (Remembering the Movies)
The Mark of Zorro (Remembering the Movies)
*The Mortal Storm
The Mortal Storm (clip 0:34)
No Time for Comedy (Remembering the Movies)
The Philadelphia Story (Remembering the Movies)
The Philadelphia Story (clip 6:22)
Pinocchio (100 favorites #51)
Pinocchio (clips in a video)
The Shop Around the Corner (clip 0:05)
Strike Up the Band (Remembering the Movies)
The Thief of Bagdad (Remembering the Movies)
Wacky Wildlife (Remembering the Movies)
The Westerner (Remembering the Movies)
The Adventures of Captain Marvel (Remembering the Movies)
Citizen Kane (100 favorites #11)
*Citizen Kane
*Citizen Kane (II)
Citizen Kane (clip 3:33)
Citizen Kane (video essay)
Citizen Kane (clips in a video)
Citizen Kane (text of Francois Truffaut)
The Devil and Daniel Webster (clip 1:48)
Dumbo (images)
Dumbo (clip 4:12)
Elmer's Pet Rabbit (Remembering the Movies)
The Face Behind the Mask (Remembering the Movies)
High Sierra (Remembering the Movies)
How Green Was My Valley (clip 3:00)
The Lady Eve (Remembering the Movies)
The Little Whirlwind (Remembering the Movies)
*The Maltese Falcon
The Maltese Falcon (clip 2:25)
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Remembering the Movies)
Penny Serenade (Remembering the Movies)
Porky's Snooze Reel (Remembering the Movies)
Road to Zanzibar (Remembering the Movies)
The Sea Wolf (Remembering the Movies)
Seven Sinners (Remembering the Movies)
The Shanghai Gesture (Patreon podcast)
*Sullivan's Travels
That Hamilton Woman (Remembering the Movies)
That Uncertain Feeling (Remembering the Movies)
Tobacco Road (Remembering the Movies)
Tortoise Beats Hare (Remembering the Movies)
*WWII propaganda films of Disney
WWII propaganda films of Disney (clip 6:32)
*Blitz Wolf
Casablanca (100 favorites #57)
*Air Force
Air Force (clip 0:05)
*Day of Wrath
Day of Wrath (100 favorites #4)
Day of Wrath (clip 0:35)
The Life and Death of Col. Blimp (clip 5:58)
Meshes of the Afternoon (100 favorites #16)
*Meshes of the Afternoon
Meshes of the Afternoon (clip 1:05)
 Meshes of the Afternoon (video essay)
Meshes of the Afternoon (II) (video essay)
Red Hot Riding Hood (100 favorites #30)
*Red Hot Riding Hood
*Red Hot Riding Hood (II)
The Song of Bernadette (clip 1:36)
*At Land
At Land (clip 4:19)
At Land (video essay)
*A Canterbury Tale
*Hail the Conquering Hero
Henry V (clip 2:10)
*Ivan the Terrible, Part I
Jammin' the Blues (100 favorites #12)
*Jammin' the Blues
*Jammin' the Blues (II)
Jammin' the Blues (clip 3:47)
Laura (clip 2:48)
Murder, My Sweet (100 favorites #49)
*Murder, My Sweet
Murder, My Sweet (images)
Murder, My Sweet (clip 5:57)
Murder, My Sweet (clips in a video)
Brief Encounter (clip 5:22)
Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne (clip 3:20)
Les Enfants du Paradis (clip 4:51)
*The Lost Weekend
*They Were Expendable
*Force of Evil
Oliver Twist (clip 4:09)
*Road House
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (clip 3:37)
Adam's Rib (clip 1:20)
*The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
The Barkleys of Broadway (clips)
Gun Crazy (clip 0:05)
Late Spring (100 favorites #78)
*Late Spring
Late Spring (clip 5:22)
Late Spring (video essay)
The Last Stage
The Last Stage (clip 5:55)
The Set-Up (clip 0:43)
*The Small Back Room
The Third Man (100 favorites #15)
*The Third Man
*The Third Man (II)
The Third Man (clip 6:31)
White Heat (100 favorites #33)
*White Heat

All About Eve (Remembering the Movies)
*The Asphalt Jungle
The Asphalt Jungle (clip 3:04)
The Asphalt Jungle (video essay)
Born Yesterday (Remembering the Movies)
Bunker Hill Bunny (Remembering the Movies)
Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard (Remembering the Movies)
Dark City (Remembering the Movies)
Devil's Doorway (Remembering the Movies)
The Flowers of St. Francis (clip 4:06)
The Flowers of St. Francis (Remembering the Movies)
High Tension (Remembering the Movies)
*In a Lonely Place
In a Lonely Place (clip 3:34)
Let's Dance (Remembering the Movies)
Los Olvidados (Remembering the Movies)
Rashomon (clip 2:32)
La Ronde (Remembering the Movies)
*Sunset Boulevard
Union Station (Remembering the Movies)
Variety Lights (Remembering the Movies)
Winchester '73 (clip 1:54)
*An American in Paris
Diary of a Country Priest (Remembering the Movies)
Father's Little Dividend (Remembering the Movies)
Footsteps in the Dark (Remembering the Movies)
Fourteen Hours (Remembering the Movies)
Gerald McBoing-Boing (Remembering the Movies)
Grounds for Marriage (Remembering the Movies)
I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (Remembering the Movies)
Jerry and the Goldfish (Remembering the Movies)
On the Riviera (Remembering the Movies)
Rawhide (Remembering the Movies)
The Red Badge of Courage (Remembering the Movies)
Rio Grande (Remembering the Movies)
The River (100 favorites #77)
*The River
*The River (II)
*The River (III)
The River (clip 4:42)
Royal Wedding (Remembering the Movies)
Sierra Passage (Remembering the Movies)
The Steel Helmet (Remembering the Movies)
Storm Warning (Remembering the Movies)
Susana (Remembering the Movies)
The Tales of Hoffmann (Remembering the Movies)
Three Arabian Nuts (Remembering the Movies)
*Venom and Eternity
*Marty (TV version)
*The Naked Spur
Shane (clip 1:48)
*Summer With Monika
Summer with Monika (clip 0:05)
*Tokyo Story
Ugetsu (clip 1:13)
I Vitelloni (clip 0:41)
*Kiss Me Deadly
Kiss Me Deadly (clip 6:28)
*Lady and the Tramp
Lady and the Tramp (video essay)
Marty (clip 5:52)
Night and Fog (clip 1:10)
Ordet (clip 0:38)
Pather Panchali (100 favorites #67)
*Pather Panchali
Pather Panchali (clip 0:05)
Aparajito (100 favorites #67)
*Bigger Than Life
*Early Spring
*The Killing
*The Killing (II)
The Killing (clip 2:49)
The Killing (video essay)
*A Man Escaped
A Man Escaped (clip 1:44)
A Man Escaped (Patreon podcast)
*The Red Balloon
The Red Balloon (clip 2:16)
The Searchers (100 favorites #27)
*The Searchers
*The Searchers (II)
The Searchers (clip 3:57)
*War and Peace
The Cranes Are Flying (clip 4:31)
*Funny Face
Nights of Cabiria (100 favorites #18)
*Nights of Cabiria
Paths of Glory (clip 0:53)
*Pyaasa (II)
Pyaasa (video essay)
The Seventh Seal (100 favorites #70)
*The Seventh Seal
*The Seventh Seal (II)
The Seventh Seal (clip 5:03)
Sweet Smell of Success (clip 0:05)
*3:10 to Yuma
What's Opera, Doc? (clip 3:27)
Wild Strawberries (images)
Wild Strawberries (clip 1:31)
Wild Strawberries (video essay)

L'Avventura (clip 2:52)
Breathless (clip 0:37)
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (Remembering the Movies)
*La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita (clip 2:18)
Exodus (Remembering the Movies)
A False Student (Remembering the Movies)
Hanyo (Remembering the Movies)
High Note (Remembering the Movies)
High Time (Remembering the Movies)
The Jackpot (Remembering the Movies)
Late Autumn (Remembering the Movies)
The Magnificent Seven (Remembering the Movies)
The Naked Island (Remembering the Movies)
North to Alaska (Remembering the Movies)
*Le Petit Soldat
Le Petit Soldat (clip 3:22)
Le Petit Soldat (video essay)
*Rocco and His Brothers
*Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Seven Ways from Sundown (Remembering the Movies)
Shoot the Piano Player (Remembering the Movies)
Spartacus (Remembering the Movies)
Two Women (Remembering the Movies)
The Virgin Spring (100 favorites #22)
*The Virgin Spring
*The Virgin Spring (II)
The Virgin Spring (clip 1:42)
*When a Woman Ascends the Stairs
Where the Boys Are (Remembering the Movies)
The Absent Minded Professor (Remembering the Movies)
Aimless Bullet (Remembering the Movies)
Alice in the Navy (Remembering the Movies)
Cannery Woe (Remembering the Movies)
*Chronicle of a Summer
The Coachman (Remembering the Movies)
Kapò (Remembering the Movies)
*Il Posto
Il Posto (clip 3:57)
Last Year at Marienbad (clip 4:28)
Lola (Remembering the Movies)
The Marriage-Go-Round (Remembering the Movies)
The Misfits (Remembering the Movies)
Mother Joan of the Angels (Remembering the Movies)
One-Eyed Jacks (Remembering the Movies)
101 Dalmations (Remembering the Movies)
Ostroznie, Yeti! (Remembering the Movies)
*Paris Belongs to Us
*Paris Belongs to Us (II)
*Paris Belongs to Us (III)
*Paris Belongs to Us (IV)
*Paris Belongs to Us (VI)
Reptilicus (Remembering the Movies)
The Scarlet Dove (Remembering the Movies)
Through a Glass Darkly (100 favorites #41)
*Through a Glass Darkly
Through a Glass Darkly (clip 4:59)
Toto, Peppino, and La Dolce Vita (Remembering the Movies)
A Woman is a Woman (video essay)
Yojimbo (Remembering the Movies)
*Being Two Isn't Easy
Carnival of Souls (Patreon podcast)
*Cleo From 5 to 7
L'Eclisse (100 favorites #53)
L'Eclisse (clip 6:12)
*The Big City (aka Mahanagar)
The Big City (aka Mahangar) (video essay)
*Billy Liar
Charade (clip 3:42)
Contempt (clip 6:00)
Contempt (clips in a video)
*8 1/2
8 1/2 (clip 4:50)
8 1/2 (clips in a video)
High and Low (Patreon podcast)
*The House is Black
The House is Black (100 favorites #5)
The House is Black (clip 0:39)
*The Leopard
Muriel (Francois Truffaut's text)
The Silence (clip 0:05)
Suzanne's Career (clip 2:30)
*This Sporting Life
The Sporting Life (clip 4:16)
*Tom Jones
El Verdugo (clip 3:07)
Au Hasard Balthazar (100 favorites #65)
*Au Hasard Balthazar
Au Hasard Balthazar (images)
Au Hasard Balthazar (clip 3:57)
Au Hasard Balthazar (video essay)
Black Girl (video essay)
Daisies (100 favorites #40)
*Daisies (II)
*Daisies (III)
Daisies (images)
Daisies (clip 0:14)
Daisies (video essay)
Made in USA (video essay)
Masculin Feminin (100 favorites #1)
*Masculin Feminin
*Masculin Feminin (II)
Masculin Feminin (clip 4:57)
Persona (100 favorites #95)
*Persona (II)
Persona (clip 4:29)
*Absurd Encounter With Fear
*Behind the Scenes of “Reflections in a Golden Eye”
La Collectionneuse (clip 1:49)
La Chinoise (clip 2:21)
Don't Look Back (clip 0:44)
The Graduate (clip 2:58)
Miraculous Virgin (100 favorites #86)
*Miraculous Virgin
*Miraculous Virgin (II)
*The Prisoner
The Prisoner (conversation w/ James Cooray Smith)
The Prisoner (conversation w/ Christopher Yohn)
The Prisoner (II) (conversation w/ Christopher Yohn)
Le Samourai (clip 1:19)
*Six Figures Getting Sick
*Six Figures Getting Sick (II)
*The Trip
*2 or 3 Things I Know About Her
*The Alphabet
*The Alphabet (II)
*David Lynch's early 16mm experimental footage
Death by Hanging (100 favorites #94)
Death by Hanging (images)
*Death by Hanging
Death by Hanging (clip 0:05)
The Devil Rides Out (Patreon podcast)
Farewell to the Summer Light (images)
Farewell to the Summer Light (clip 5:14)
*I, the Executioner
I, the Executioner (clip 1:09)
Medium Cool (Patreon podcast)
Monterey Pop (clip 3:35)
Rosemary's Baby (100 favorites #43)
*Rosemary's Baby
*Rosemary's Baby (II)
Rosemary's Baby (clip 4:08)
Rosemary's Baby (clips in a video)
2001: A Space Odyssey (100 favorites #54)
*2001: A Space Odyssey
*2001: A Space Odyssey (II)
2001: A Space Oydssey (clip 4:40)
2001: A Space Odyssey (clips in a video)
*War and Peace
*Yellow Submarine
*L'Amour Fou
*L'Amour Fou (II)
*L'Amour Fou (III)
L'Amour Fou (clip 0:35)
Army of Shadows (clip 4:06)
Army of Shadows (Patreon podcast)
Calcutta (clip 2:51)
Civilisation (100 favorites #60)
*Civilisation (II) (& images)
Civilisation (clip 2:17)
Civilisation (clips in a video)
Easy Rider (100 favorites #32)
*Easy Rider
*Easy Rider (II)
Easy Rider (clip 2:11)
Easy Rider (clips in a video)
Eros + Massacre (clip 3:30)
*The Honeymoon Killers
Invocation of My Demon Brother (clip 1:39)
Invocation of My Demon Brother (clips in a video)
Midnight Cowboy (clip 0:05)
My Night at Maud's (100 favorites #23)
*My Night at Maud's
*My Night at Maud's (II)
My Night at Maud's (clip 1:39)
Salesman (clip 0:34)
Salesman (clips in a video)
*Son of Man
Son of Man (clip 1:07)
*The Wild Bunch
The Wild Bunch (clip 4:42)

The Aristocats (Remembering the Movies)
Le Cercle Rouge (Remembering the Movies)
*Claire's Knee
Claire's Knee (clip 0:44)
The Conformist (clip 1:23)
Cover Me Babe (Remembering the Movies)
Dastak (Remembering the Movies)
Deep End (clip 4:30)
Dodes'ka-den (Remembering the Movies)
Five Easy Pieces (clip 0:05)
Five Easy Pieces (Remembering the Movies)
Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion (Remembering the Movies)
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (Remembering the Movies)
Gimme Shelter (100 favorites #7)
*Gimme Shelter
Gimme Shelter  (clip 3:56)
Gimme Shelter (Remembering the Movies)
*The Grandmother (I)
*The Grandmother (II)
The Great White Hope (Remembering the Movies)
Heroic Purgatory (clip 2:30)
Heroic Purgatory (Remembering the Movies)
Hi Mom (clip 3:20)
Hi Mom (video essay)
*The Honeymoon Killers
I Walk the Line (Remembering the Movies)
Little Big Man (Remembering the Movies)
Love Story (Remembering the Movies)
Patton (clip 7:44)
Ryan's Daughter (Remembering the Movies)
Tora! Tora! Tora! (Remembering the Movies)
This Transient Life (clip 1:56)
The Wizard of Gore (Remembering the Movies)
Woodstock (clip 2:47)
Zabriskie Point (clip 5:07)
The Ceremony (clip 4:10)
The Champions of Justice (Remembering the Movies)
A Clockwork Orange (clip 3:01)
Cold Turkey (Remembering the Movies)
Death in Venice (Remembering the Movies)
Duel (images)
Duel of the Iron Fist (Remembering the Movies)
Egi barany (Remembering the Movies)
The Emigrants (Remembering the Movies)
Get Carter (Remembering the Movies)
Girl Slaves of Morgana La Fey (Remembering the Movies)
Hedgehogs Are Born Without Spines (Remembering the Movies)
The Last Picture Show (clip 5:22)
The Last Valley (Remembering the Movies)
Little Murders (Remembering the Movies)
McCabe & Mrs. Miller (clip 4:47)
Mihai Viteazul (clip 3:38)
(nostalgia) (images)
Out 1 (100 favorites #44)
*Out 1
*Out 1 (II)
Out 1 (video essay)
Out 1 (II) (video essay)
Summer of '42 (Remembering the Movies)
THX 1138 (Remembering the Movies)
Veruschka (Remembering the Movies)
*The Candidate
Cries and Whispers (conversation w/ Alex Sheremet)
The Godfather (100 favorites #19)
*The Godfather
*The Godfather (II)
The Godfather (images)
The Godfather (clip 6:32)
Love in the Afternoon (clip 0:05)
Solaris (clip 5:54)
Amarcord (clip 2:10)
*The Amputee (I)
*The Amputee (II)
Day for Night (clip 2:44)
Don't Look Now (clip 4:23)
*The Long Goodbye
Mean Streets (100 favorites #52)
*Mean Streets
Mean Streets (clip 3:54)
Mean Streets (clips in a video)
The Mother and the Whore (100 favorites #42)
*The Mother and the Whore
The Mother and the Whore (clip 0:34)
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (100 favorites #48)
*Pat Garret & Billy the Kid
*Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (II)
Scenes From a Marriage (clip 1:41)
The Spirit of the Beehive (clip 3:17)
*The Wicker Man
World on Wires (clip 1:10)
Barry Lyndon (100 favorites #62)
*Barry Lyndon
Barry Lyndon (clip 4:54)
Black Moon (clip 5:30)
Jaws (100 favorites #71)
*Jaws (II)
Jaws (images)
Jaws (clip 3:06)
*Love and Death
The Mirror (100 favorites #13)
*The Mirror
The Mirror (clip 4:55)
Nashville (clip 3:44)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (clip 4:19)
Salo (video essay)
All the President's Men (100 favorites #93)
*All the President's Men
Carrie (clip 6:05)
Carrie (video essay)
Cria Cuervos (100 favorites #90)
*Cria Cuervos
Cria Cuervos (clip 6:37)
*The Girl Chewing Gum
*I, Claudius
Next Stop Greenwich Village (clip 0:05)
1900 (clip 0:38)
Rocky (images)
Taxi Driver (100 favorites #14)
*Taxi Driver
*Taxi Driver (II)
Annie Hall (100 favorites #58)
*Annie Hall
*Annie Hall (II)
Annie Hall (clip 1:09)
Annie Hall (conversation w/ Alex Sheremet)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (images)
*Duelle (II)
Duelle (clip 2:14)
*Eraserhead (I)
*Eraserhead (II)
*Eraserhead (III)
*Eraserhead (IV)
Eraserhead (video essay)
Eraserhead (conversation w/ Martha Nochimson)
Eraserhead (Patreon podcast)
Opening Night (video essay)
Star Wars (100 favorites #17)
*Star Wars
*Star Wars (II)
Star Wars (images)
Star Wars (clip 1:42)
Star Wars (conversation w/ Bob Clark)
3 Women (clip 2:49)
The Deer Hunter (clip 3:22)
Halloween (Patreon podcast)
Interiors (conversation w/ Alex Sheremet)
Perceval le Gallois (images)
*Perceval le Gallois
*A Real American Hero: The Buford Pusser Story
A Walk Through H (100 favorites #50)
*A Walk Through H
*A Walk Through H (II)

The Age of the Earth (Remembering the Movies)
Altered States (Remembering the Movies)
The Big Red One (clip 5:30)
The Boogeyman (Remembering the Movies)
Dostana (Remembering the Movies)
*The Elephant Man (I)
*The Elephant Man (II)
The Elephant Man (images)
The Elephant Man (video essay)
The Elephant Man (conversation w/ Martha Nochimson)
The Elephant Man (Remembering the Movies)
*The Empire Strikes Back
The Empire Strikes Back (images)
The Exterminator (Remembering the Movies)
*Flash Gordon (Remembering the Movies)
Heaven's Gate (Remembering the Movies)
Ho fatto splash! (Remembering the Movies)
Hopscotch (Remembering the Movies)
Hum Paanch (Remembering the Movies)
La Nuit de la Mort (Remembering the Movies)
Ordinary People (Remembering the Movies)
Popeye (Remembering the Movies)
*Radio On
Raging Bull (100 favorites #84)
*Raging Bull
*Raging Bull (II)
Raging Bull (clip 6:00)
Raging Bull (Remembering the Movies)
*The Shining
The Shining (clip 0:05)
Stardust Memories (conversation w/ Alex Sheremet)
Times Square (Remembering the Movies)
Be Pretty and Shut Up (Remembering the Movies)
Blow Out (clip 1:08)
*Brideshead Revisited
Caveman (Remembering the Movies)
Christiane F (Remembering the Movies)
Cutter's Way (Remembering the Movies)
Diva (Remembering the Movies)
Ejanaika (Remembering the Movies)
Fort Apache, The Bronx (Remembering the Movies)
The Hand (Remembering the Movies)
The Howling (Remembering the Movies)
The Incredible Shrinking Woman (Remembering the Movies)
Krakonos a lyznici (Remembering the Movies)
The Liar (Remembering the Movies)
Lucifer Rising (clip 0:37)
Murder Obsession (Remembering the Movies)
My Dinner With Andre (clip 1:44)
My Dinner With Andre (Vincent Canby's text)
Scanners (Remembering the Movies)
Sphinx (Remembering the Movies)
Thief (Remembering the Movies)
*A Nos Amours
A Nos Amours (clip 5:25)
*The Big Chill
*Return of the Jedi
Return of the Jedi (images)
Sans Soleil (clip 4:49)
Scarface (100 favorites #38)
Scarface (clip 6:00)
Scarface (video essay)
*The Wind in the Willows (American theater)
*The Wind in the Willows (British TV)
Zelig (clip 4:10)
Amadeus (clip 2:36)
The Company of Wolves (images)
*Dune (I)
*Dune (II)
Dune (images)
Dune (video essay)
Ghostbusters (clip 0:38)
Heimat (clip 3:06)
*Muppet Babies
Red Dawn (clip 0:05)
Stop Making Sense (100 favorites #89)
*Stop Making Sense
*Stop Making Sense (II)
Stop Making Sense (clip 1:39)
*Stranger Than Paradise
Stranger Than Paradise (clip 2:06)
*The Terminator
The Terminator (clip 1:09)
Back to the Future (video essay)
Death of a Salesman (images)
Ran (clip 4:28)
Blue Velvet (video essay)
Blue Velvet (Patreon podcast)
*The Fly
God's Country (100 favorites #69)
*God's Country
*God's Country (II)
God's Country (clip 6:33)
God's Country (video essay)
Hannah and Her Sisters (conversation w/ Alex Sheremet)
*Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
The Pied Piper of Hamlin (clip 4:59)
*The Sacrifice
Salvador (clip 6:02)
*Street of Crocodiles
Street of Crocodiles (clip 3:40)
Street of Crocodiles (video essay)
Back to the Future Part II (video essay)
Crimes and Misdemeanors (conversation w/ Alex Sheremet)
Dead Poets Society (Patreon podcast)
Elephant (Patreon podcast)
*Field of Dreams
Field of Dreams (clip 4:16)
Field of Dreams (clips in a video)
For All Mankind (images)
For All Mankind (clip 3:40)

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (clip 1:28)
Avalon (Remembering the Movies)
Back to the Future Part III (video essay)
*Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue
The Civil War (100 favorites #81)
*The Civil War
The Civil War (clip 4:52)
Dances With Wolves (Remembering the Movies)
Edward Scissorhands (clip 2:04)
Edward Scissorhands (Remembering the Movies)
The Godfather Part III (clip 0:45)
The Godfather Part III (Remembering the Movies)
Goodfellas (100 favorites #29)
Goodfellas (clip 0:05)
Goodfellas (Remembering the Movies)
Henry & June (Remembering the Movies)
Home Alone (Remembering the Movies)
*Industrial Symphony No. 1
Jacob's Ladder (Remembering the Movies)
Kindergarten Cop (Remembering the Movies)
Mermaids (Remembering the Movies)
Misery (Remembering the Movies)
Mr. Destiny (Remembering the Movies)
Postcards from the Edge (Remembering the Movies)
The Rescuers Down Under (Remembering the Movies)
Shejari Shejari (Remembering the Movies)
Sibling Rivalry (Remembering the Movies)
Three Men and a Little Lady (Remembering the Movies)
*Twin Peaks (full directory) (& images, video essays, conversations, Sheryl Lee)
*Wicked Games
*Wild at Heart (I)
*Wild at Heart (II)
*Wild at Heart (III)
*Wild at Heart (IV)
Wild at Heart (images)
Wild at Heart (video essay)
Wild at Heart (Sheryl Lee)
Closet Land (Remembering the Movies)
Comrade X (Remembering the Movies)
The Doors (clip 3:16)
The Doors (Remembering the Movies)
The Double Life of Veronique (clip 2:39)
The Double Life of Veronique (clips in a video)
Drop Dead Fred (Remembering the Movies)
Firehead (Remembering the Movies)
He Said, She Said (Remembering the Movies)
Love, Lies, and Murder (Sheryl Lee)
The Marrying Man (Remembering the Movies)
Merci la vie (Remembering the Movies)
Nothing But Trouble (Remembering the Movies)
Not Without My Daughter (Remembering the Movies)
The Object of Beauty (Remembering the Movies)
*The Silence of the Lambs (Remembering the Movies)
*Stille Nacht II: Are We Still Married?
Stille Nacht II & IV (& other random Quay brothers shorts) (clip 3:50)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (Remembering the Movies)
The Unborn (Remembering the Movies)
White Fang (Remembering the Movies)
Wildfeuer (Remembering the Movies)
*It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown
Jersey Girl (Sheryl Lee)
The Last of the Mohicans (100 favorites #56)
*The Last of the Mohicans
*The Last of the Mohicans (II)
The Last of the Mohicans (clip 4:29)
*The Long Day Closes
Malcolm X (clip 5:13)
Malcolm X (video essay)
*On the Air (the pilot)
*Patriot Games
Red Shoe Diaries (Sheryl Lee)
*Stille Nacht III: Tales From the Vienna Woods
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (100 favorites #47)
*Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (full directory) (& images, clips, video essays, conversations, Sheryl Lee)
Backbeat (Sheryl Lee)
*Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman ('94 episode) (Sheryl Lee)
Don't Do It (Sheryl Lee)
Forrest Gump (images)
Forrest Gump (clip 5:06)
Guinevere (Sheryl Lee)
*Hoop Dreams
Hoop Dreams (clip 3:13)
*Joan the Maid Parts I & II
*Joan the Maid Parts I & II (II)
*The Kingdom
Pulp Fiction (clip 4:27)
Satantango (100 favorites #68)
Spike Jonze music videos (clip 3:46)
*The Wind in the Willows
Before Sunrise (clip 1:04)
Before Sunrise (Patreon podcast)
Braveheart (clip 5:37)
Fall Time (Sheryl Lee)
Follow the River (Sheryl Lee)
La Haine (100 favorites #99)
*La Haine
La Haine (clip 0:05)
Heat (clip 6:33)
Homage (Sheryl Lee)
Kids (clip 0:37)
*Lumiere and Company (I)
*Lumiere and Company (II)
*Neon Genesis Evangelion (+ conversation w/ Bob Clark)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (conversation w/ Bob Clark)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (clip 2:05)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (video essay)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (II) (video essay)
Notes from Underground (Sheryl Lee)
The Usual Suspects (clip 6:04)
*The Wind in the Willows
Around the World (clip 1:50)
*Gray's Anatomy
Hyperballad (100 favorites #39)
*Hyperballad (II)
Hyperballad (clip 1:32)
*Michael Collins
*Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Mother Night (Sheryl Lee)
Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 21 (images)
Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 22 (images)
Affliction (clip 3:08)
Amistad (clip 4:06)
Bliss (Sheryl Lee)
The Blood Oranges (Sheryl Lee)
*Buffy the Vampire Slayer (series)
Cop Land (clip 3:36)
David (Sheryl Lee)
Donnie Brasco (clip 4:37)
The End of Evangelion (100 favorites #82)
*The End of Evangelion
*The End of Evangelion (II)
The End of Evangelion (images)
The End of Evangelion (II) (images)
The End of Evangelion (clip 2:35)
The End of Evangelion (video essay)
The End of Evangelion (conversation w/ Bob Clark)
The End of Evangelion (II) (conversation w/ Bob Clark)
The End of Evangelion (III) (conversation w/ Bob Clark)
Gattaca (Patreon podcast)
*The Kingdom II
*Lost Highway
*Lost Highway (II)
*Lost Highway (III)
*Lost Highway (IV)
*Lost Highway (V)
Lost Highway (images)
Lost Highway (video essay)
Lost Highway (conversation w/ Ryan Persaud & Allen Ibrahim)
*The Lost World: Jurassic Park
This World, Then the Fireworks (Sheryl Lee)
Angel's Dance (Sheryl Lee)
The Big Lebowski (100 favorites #46)
*The Big Lebowski
The Big Lebowski (clip 6:07)
Dante's View (Sheryl Lee)
*Enemy of the State
Great Expectations (clip 5:38)
Kiss the Sky (Sheryl Lee)
L.A. Doctors (Sheryl Lee)
Pi (Patreon podcast)
Rushmore (clip 5:07)
Vampires (Sheryl Lee)
American Beauty (clip 6:38)
Eyes Wide Shut (Patreon podcast)
Fight Club (clip 1:09)
Holy Smoke! (Patreon podcast)
*The Phantom Menace (I)
*The Phantom Menace (II)
The Phantom Menace (images)
*The Sopranos
The Sopranos (clip 0:05)
*The Straight Story (I)
*The Straight Story (II)
The Straight Story (images)
The Straight Story (conversation w/ Twin Peaks Unwrapped & John Thorne)
*The Virgin Suicides
The Virgin Suicides (clip 0:38)

Ali Zoua: Prince of the Streets (Remembering the Movies)
Almost Famous (Remembering the Movies)
Bamboozled (Remembering the Movies)
Battle Royale (Remembering the Movies)
Bedazzled (Remembering the Movies)
Boiler Room (clip 1:37)
Cast Away (Remembering the Movies)
*Dancer in the Dark
Dead or Alive 2: Birds (Remembering the Movies)
Finding Forrester (Remembering the Movies)
Get Carter (Remembering the Movies)
*The Gleaners & I
*The House of Mirth
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Remembering the Movies)
*In the Mood for Love
In the Mood for Love (clip 3:40)
The Legend of Bagger Vance (Remembering the Movies)
Malèna (Remembering the Movies)
Mysterious Object at Noon (Remembering the Movies)
Pay It Forward (Remembering the Movies)
Platform (100 favorites #87)
*Platform (II)
Platform (clip 3:08)
Requiem for a Dream (clip 2:37)
Requiem for a Dream (Patreon podcast)
Traffic (Remembering the Movies)
Unbreakable (clip 2:10)
Unbreakable (Remembering the Movies)
*You Can Count on Me
Amelie (Remembering the Movies)
Antitrust (Remembering the Movies)
Blow (clip 5:16)
Blow (Remembering the Movies)
The Body (Remembering the Movies)
Brotherhood of the Wolf (Remembering the Movies)
The Devil's Backbone (Remembering the Movies)
Exit Wounds (Remembering the Movies)
Fat Girl (Remembering the Movies)
*Gosford Park
Hannibal (Remembering the Movies)
Heartbreakers (Remembering the Movies)
Hitched (Sheryl Lee)
Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi (Remembering the Movies)
*In Praise of Love
Mark Twain (Patreon podcast)
The Mexican (Remembering the Movies)
Mulholland Drive (100 favorites #20)
*Mulholland Drive (I)
*Mulholland Drive (II)
*Mulholland Drive (III)
*Mulholland Drive (IV)
*Mulholland Drive (V)
*Mulholland Drive (VI)
Mulholland Drive (images)
Mulholland Drive  (clip 4:10)
Mulholland Drive (video essay)
Mulholland Drive (conversation w/ Martha Nochimson)
Mulholland Drive (conversation w/ Twin Peaks Unwrapped)
Mulholland Drive (Patreon podcast)
The Royal Tenenbaums (clip 6:20)
*Spirited Away
Spirited Away (Patreon podcast)
Spy Kids (Remembering the Movies)
The Swamp (Remembering the Movies)
Sweet November (Remembering the Movies)
3000 Miles to Graceland (Remembering the Movies)
Training Day (clip 5:48)
Training Day (Patreon podcast)
The Wedding Planner (Remembering the Movies)
Y Tu Mama Tambien (clip 4:42)
*Capturing the Friedmans
*Clone Wars
Dogville (100 favorites #96)
The Dreamers (clip 2:35)
*A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
CSI: NY ('06 episode) (Sheryl Lee)
*The Departed
*Frontline: The Al Qaeda Files
House, M.D. ('06 episode) (Sheryl Lee)
*An Inconvenient Truth
*Inland Empire (I)
*Inland Empire (II)
*Inland Empire (III)
*Inland Empire (IV)
*Inland Empire (V)
Inland Empire (images)
Inland Empire (video essay)
Inland Empire (conversation w/ Martha Nochimson)
Inland Empire (Patreon podcast)
*Inside North Korea
*Iraq in Fragments
Iraq in Fragments (clip 6:43)
*The Lives of Others
Marie Antoinette (Patreon podcast)
*Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater
*My Brother is an Only Child
No Direction Home (clip 1:09)
Once (clip 0:05)
*Pan's Labyrinth
The Prestige (Patreon podcast)
The Secrets of Comfort House (Sheryl Lee)
*So Goes the Nation
*Still Life
Syndromes and a Century (100 favorites #83)
*Syndromes and a Century
*Syndromes and a Century (II)
Syndromes and a Century (images)
Syndromes and a Century (clip 0:36)
*This is England
*The War Tapes
*When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts
*The Wind in the Willows
Antichrist (clip 5:35)
*(500) Days of Summer
*For the Love of Movies
For the Love of Movies (conversation w/ Gerald Peary)
*The Girlfriend Experience
*The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench (video essay)
*The Hurt Locker
*Inglourious Basterds
*The Lost Son of Havana
*Pirate Radio
*A Serious Man
*Sherlock Holmes
*Shot in the Back of the Head
*A Single Man
*Up in the Air
*Where the Wild Things Are
*And Everything is Going Fine
*Green Zone
*How to Train Your Dragon
*Let Me In
Lie to Me ('10 episode) (Sheryl Lee)
Psych ("Dual Spires" episode) (Sheryl Lee)
*The Social Network
The Social Network (images)
The Social Network (Patreon podcast)
Winter's Bone (Sheryl Lee)
Texas Killing Fields (Sheryl Lee)
*Crazy Clown Time
*The Dark Knight Rises
*Evangelion 3.33
*Frances Ha
Holy Motors (Patreon podcasts)
Interstellar (Patreon podcast)
*It's a Beautiful Day
Perception ('12 episode) (Sheryl Lee)
Blue is the Warmest Color (video essay)
*Came Back Haunted
*Top of the Lake
Upstream Color (Patreon podcast)
*The Wolf of Wall Street
*The Giver
Inherent Vice (Patreon podcast)
Jackie & Ryan (Sheryl Lee)
The Makings of You (Sheryl Lee)
Transformers: The Premake (conversation w/ Kevin B. Lee)
*True Detective season 1
True Detective season 1 (images)
*Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces & Between Two Worlds (full directory) (& images, conversations, video essays, Sheryl Lee)
White Bird in a Blizzard (Sheryl Lee)
*The Force Awakens
Heart of a Dog (Patreon podcast)
High-Rise (Patreon podcast)
The Lobster (Patreon podcast)
*True Detective season 2
*David Lynch: The Art Life
David Lynch: The Art Life (images)
O.J.: Made in America (video essay)
Rebirth (Sheryl Lee)
Rogue One (Patreon podcast)
Voyage to Twin Peaks (conversation w/ Scott Ryan)
Blade Runner 2049 (Patreon podcast)
Brawl in Cell Block 99 (Patreon podcast)
The Last Jedi (Patreon podcast)
*Twin Peaks: The Return (full directory) (& conversations, video essays, Sheryl Lee)

Sorry to Bother You (Patreon podcast)

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