Lost in the Movies: Twin Peaks viewing diaries

Twin Peaks viewing diaries

Not only have I featured Twin Peaks more than any other TV show on my site, I've featured it more than any other subject, period. As such there are actually several different "viewing diaries" to explore, using different formats and/or approaches. They are organized into different directories below. If you prefer, you can also browse by episode on the following pages: original series, Fire Walk With Me, and season 3.

With one exception (the "out of order" ranking), these guides have NO spoilers for future episodes - so feel free to use them as companions for your own first viewing.

FULL: TWIN PEAKS First Time Viewer Companion
(including my original season 3 viewing diary)
Responses to each episode, ranging in size, with links or embedded videos of my previous coverage at the end of each piece + essays written immediately after watching each new episode of the Showtime series

Ranking the episodes of the first two seasons from least to most favorite, with a write-up on each

My first rewatch of the series (and also my first viewing diary) reviews the first seventeen episodes and then skips to the season two finale


Visit the "My Work on TWIN PEAKS" page for other varieties of Twin Peaks coverage which include: conversations with Twin Peaks scholars, comparative videos, screenshot visual tributes, podcasts on particular topics, media round-ups, essays encompassing the entire saga or focused a small detail, and all kinds of content centered specifically on the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

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