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TWIN PEAKS Character Series
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Twin Peaks Conversations podcast
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Twin Peaks Cinema podcast
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Lost in Twin Peaks podcast
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#9 - 30 Season 2 & #46 the Season 3 Finale

Other Twin Peaks posts...
Patreon episode 100 Final Listener Feedback (including Lynch & Frost; auteurism; Twin Peaks characters Diane, Bob, Richard Horne; generational viewing habits; innocence & corruption in Twin Peaks; car accidents as metaphors in Lynch work)

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This video, a chapter from my Journey Through Twin Peaks series, is my most popular work...

For a commemorative podcast on the tenth anniversary of my site (and my coverage of Twin Peaks), I created a guide list for my work

Click on a picture to visit the entry or entries in question...

(These works focus on David Lynch more generally)

After the list was published, I came back to highlight a few new pieces:

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