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(update: the above image now links to my "Path to Journey Through Twin Peaks" post)

Twin Peaks Unwrapped Season 1 Madness (w/ Francine the Lucid Dream and John Thorne)

The Last Five

(Lost in Twin Peaks)
Lost in Twin Peaks #1 - Pilot for $1/month
Lost in Twin Peaks #8 - Season 1 Finale: S1E7 (The Last Evening/"Episode 7")
for $5/month
(Twin Peaks Reflections on Lost in the Movies)
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For a commemorative podcast on the tenth anniversary of my site (and my coverage of Twin Peaks), I created a guide list for my work

Click on a picture to visit the entry or entries in question...

(These works focus on David Lynch more generally)

After the list was published, I came back to highlight a few new pieces:

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