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La Dolce Vita podcast (Patreon)

The Double Life of Veronique podcast (Patreon)

Fire in the Sky podcast (Patreon)

Hill Street Blues podcast (1) • (2) • (3) • (4) • (5) (all on Patreon)

Neon Genesis Evangelion video essay

Our Town podcast (Patreon)


The Birth of a Nation

Breaking Bad (1) • (2)

Carnival of Souls (Patreon)

The Devil Rides Out (Patreon)

It's a Wonderful Life

The Kingdom (1) • (2) • (3) • (4) • (5)


Mad Men (1) • (2) • (3)

Road House

Shanghai Gesture (Patreon)

Sheryl Lee filmography

Top of the Lake (1) • (2)

Veronica Mars (extended comparison in season 4)
+ more briefly, (1) • (2) • (3) • (4) • (5) • (6) • (7)

White Heat



Band of Outsiders


Civilisation (influence on Journey videos)

Neon Genesis Evangelion & The End of Evangelion (1)(2)(3) • (4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)

The Prisoner (1 - the premiere) • (2 - the finale) • (3 - conversation w/ fan)

The Shining

Star Trek

Star Wars (1) • (2)

Tropical Malady

True Detective (1) • (2) • (3) • (4) • (5)

Upstream Color (Patreon)


The Virgin Spring

The X-Files (1) • (2) • (3) • (4) • (5) • (6) • (7) • (8)

(all other mentions - starting from the earliest)

notation of my first viewing

discussion under Blue Velvet

discussion under Some Came Running & Kiss Me Deadly

links to 2008 Twin Peaks posts on my & other blogs

links to 2009 Twin Peaks posts on other blogs

inclusion in favorite directors list

inclusion in favorite characters list

inclusion in video clip series (1 - 1990-93 chapter) • (2 - film-by-film directory)  (3 - brief clip in intro montage)

inclusion in 100 favorite films list

inclusion in picture line-up

brief note of influence on my short film

inclusion on album playlists (1) • (2) • (3)

inclusion in screenshot line-ups (1 - "a favorite from each decade")  (2)

inclusion in "Alternate Oscars" line-up (1 - films)  (2 - actresses)

discussion of shooting location w/ filmmaker Jared Drake

intro to David Lynch video essay

status update including intro to first guest appearance on a podcast (Obnoxious & Anonymous)

brief reference to my recent Lynch video essay in Lady and the Tramp video intro

inclusion in round-up of book quotes

12 Weeks of Twin Peaks announcement

updates & round-ups on the site for Journey Through Twin Peaks (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)

Journey Through Twin Peaks"killer's reveal" montage (W.B. Yeats poem) clip as standalone video

intro to "Second Coming" standalone clip

intro to Obnoxious & Anonymous second conversation

status update mentioning future Twin Peaks pieces

overview of my previous experience with TV

intro to Obnoxious & Anonymous - Lynch leaves Showtime

discussion (including Journey Through Twin Peaks) with video essayist Kevin B. Lee

my exploration of Twin Peaks in 2014

applying Martha Nochimson's reading of David Lynch to Maya Deren

announcement of upcoming Twin Peaks Unwrapped interview

criticism of Fire Walk With Me in discussion w/ critic Alex Sheremet

clips from Journey Through Twin Peaks illustrating new video essay approach

intro to YouTube "coming attractions" using Journey as illustration

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - season 1

status update including new Tumblr blog and milestone for 7 Facts About Fire Walk With Me

status update for Evangelion/Peaks video

video montage of Evangelion/Peaks episode juxtapositions

intro to Evangelion/Peaks video

inclusion in Cinepoem videos (1 - music only) • (2 - brief clip)

intro to Cinepoem videos (1) • (2)

intro to Obnoxious & Anonymous - R.I.P. Catherine Coulson

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - Mulholland Drive

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - killer's reveal

anticipating the Fire Walk With Me/Joan the Maid double feature

status update discussing Twin Peaks work of 2015

intro to the Sparkwood & 21 conversation

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - Twin Peaks Day conversation

intro to Voyage into the Movies video

status update including tenth guest podcast

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - mid-season 2

line-up of video essays, including work on Twin Peaks

intro & images for Maya Deren/David Lynch video

status update mentioning upcoming Twin Peaks work

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - season 2 finale

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - Fire Walk With Me

intro to my End of Evangelion entry in sci-fi countdown (including references to Twin Peaks)

in relation to cinephilia (1) • (2)

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - Owl Cave ring

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - theme of incest

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - discussing Mark Frost

intro to Obnoxious & Anonymous - The Secret History of Twin Peaks

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - The Secret History of Twin Peaks

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - season 3 speculation w/ 5 months to go

status update mentioning upcoming Twin Peaks pieces for 2017

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - documentaries

announcing 2017 as "the year of Twin Peaks"

status update mentioning Twin Peaks news

pausing the Character Series (1) • (2) • (3)

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - character series

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - season 3 speculation w/ 2 weeks to go

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - David Lynch's politics

intro to The Straight Story podcast (including references to Twin Peaks)

rounding up my Peaks/Lynch work as of 2017

intro to Obnoxioius & Anonymous - season 3 speculation w/ 5 days to go

status update mentioning Twin Peaks: The Return

intro to Discourse Collective appearance before season 3

intro to Obnoxious & Anonymous - Pts. 1 - 6

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - Pts. 1 - 8

intro to The Lodgers - Pt. 11

intro to Twin Peaks Peeks - Pt. 14

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - anticipating the finale

intro to Obnoxious & Anonymous - anticipating the finale

intro to Beyond the Filter appearance

intro to Discourse Collective appearance after season 3

intro to 25 Years Later conversation on season 3

announcing "5 Weeks of Fire Walk With Me"

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - season 3 & Fire Walk With Me

intro to Lost Highway podcast (w/ references to Twin Peaks & status update on "5 Weeks of Fire Walk With Me")

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - The Final Dossier

video update on Journey videos

intro to Journey update

intro to Offscreen essay on Mark Frost

Patreon video intro mentioning Twin Peaks work (old rewards)

cross-posting the video intro

Patreon update #1 - updates always include images and/or descriptions of Twin Peaks content

recap of first Twin Peaks viewing (Patreon)

Patreon update #2

recap of finishing first Twin Peaks rewatch (Patreon)

Patreon update #3

discussing The Lodgers' Dennis Lim interview on the David Lynch & Mark Frost collaboration (Patreon)

Patreon update #4

Patreon update #5

Patreon update #6

Patreon update #7

Patreon update #8

Patreon update #9

intro to the above Twin Peaks Unwrapped episode

Patreon update #10

status update including progress on Fire Walk With Me essays & other Twin Peaks work

Lesli Linka Glatter's directorial career (Patreon)

Patreon update #11

Patreon update #12

illustrating a Patreon status update

Frost's "mistakes" in The Secret History (Patreon)

Patreon update #13

Patreon update #14

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - pilot rewatch

Patreon update #15 including full segment on the pilot

Patreon update #16

Patreon update #17

Patreon update #18

referencing Jeffries teapot cartoon (Patreon) - watch the cartoon itself

recap of David Lynch Month (Patreon)

Patreon update #19

recap of 12 Weeks of Twin Peaks & Journey Through Twin Peaks (Patreon)

Patreon update #20

recaps of Twin Peaks work from 2015 - 2018 (1) • (2) • (3) • (4) • (5) • (6) (all Patreon)

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 1 & 2

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 3 & 4

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 5

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 6

recap of Character Series (Patreon)

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 7

recap of season 3 viewing diary (Patreon)

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 8

brief reference to getting back into Twin Peaks

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 9

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 10

intro to 25 Years Later conversation on Parts 5 - 8

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 11

rounding up reader comments, including some that briefly mention Twin Peaks

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 12

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 13

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 14

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 15

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 16

intro to Season 3 Rewatch Pt. 17/18

announcing First Time Viewer Companion

 update on Journey Through Twin Peaks

Patreon update #37

introductions to each era of my online work, including several focused on Twin Peaks

rounding up the First Time Viewer Companion (Patreon)

ideas for future Twin Peaks Reflections (Patreon)

Patreon update #40

Patreon update #41

surveying my interviews with Twin Peaks scholars (Patreon)

Patreon update #42

Patreon update #43

resuming "5 Weeks of Fire Walk With Me"

Patreon update #44

Patreon update #45

Patreon update #46

Patreon update #47

Patreon update #48

Patreon update #49

Patreon update #50

Patreon update #51

Patreon update #53 including plans for coverage of Twin Peaks in 2019

Patreon update #54 including preview of upcoming Twin Peaks essay

Patreon update #55

Patreon video intro mentioning Twin Peaks work (updated for 2019)

Patreon update #56 including new video intro

Cinema Enthusiast's "best of 1992" list (Patreon)

"The Last Weekly Patreon Update" (January 2019)

February 2019 Patreon update

March 2019 Patreon update

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - "Lynch Madness"

April 2019 Patreon update

May 2019 Patreon update

June 2019 Patreon update

July 2019 Patreon update

update on Journey videos, late Summer 2019

intro to Martha Nochimson conversation

intro to Twin Peaks Unwrapped - "Season 1 Madness"

August 2019 Patreon update

update on Journey videos for Fall 2019

September 2019 Patreon update

October 2019 Patreon update

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