Lost in the Movies: A Week on Hold: status update

A Week on Hold: status update

For obvious reasons - the presidential election which is, as of this writing three days later, still ongoing - much of my activity has ground to a halt this week. Normally a new podcast would have gone up Wednesday, but I already knew that would be delayed due to the order of events in the new "Path through Journey Through Twin Peaks" I laid out a month ago, and have been sticking stubbornly to ever since, even though it leads to some of my normal deadlines falling by the wayside. That episode, on Training Day, will hopefully appear in about a week and a half but I have a whole video, among other priorities, to create in between so I won't be surprised if I end up having two overdue podcasts when November ends. A busier-than-usual work schedule and tentative travel plans for Thanksgiving are also pushing things back and back - it's another perfect storm of distractions like I experienced this summer. It's now patently obvious that I won't come anywhere close to reaching the "weeks/month for random online work before December 1" that I penciled in as long as I finished a six-months-ahead backlog of patron and public podcasts, viewing diary entries, and even a non-Twin Peaks video in a timely manner. That backlog probably won't be wrapped until December or even January or February at this point; I'm even wondering if I should extend this backlog through September 2021 rather than June, in order to buy myself even more time once I do begin work on the next phase of Journey videos. It's a bit of a dog chasing its own tail as I weigh short-term delay against long-term breathing room.

As for the election, I have plenty of thoughts - or, at any rate, tweets - that I may eventually share as I did four years ago. Since I probably won't have any other material to share next week, and since we'll hopefully see a final result by then (though it's looking increasingly plausible that Donald Trump finally received some form of - temporary? - comeuppance in a night that otherwise went terribly for Democrats), I'll probably collect and slightly expand on these reflections in seven days. Also pushing back my public podcasts, the desire to finally record an expanded political commentary on the patron podcast is something I've been hoping to do since May. Incidentally, the above image is not just a tongue-in-cheek allusion to the current disaster surrounding the occupancy of that building, nor just a visualization of my own cluttered schedule. I also recently caught up with the Independence Day sequel, which will be touched on in that upcoming patron episode, along with a half-year of other film capsules - including quite a few with at least tangentially political subjects. It's been a hell of a year, in all senses, and it's not over yet. But the online work I've enjoyed creating has been one of several silver linings for me. I look forward to continuing it in the days, weeks, and months to come. Thanks for riding along.

ELECTION UPDATE 11/12: I did not end up creating an additional post with embedded tweets but if you're curious what I had to say about all of it, here are my tweets from that period - scroll to the bottom to start on Election Day (here are my retweets from that period...and to go full circle, my last tweet on the day the race was decided was a reply to my last tweet from Election Night 2016).

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