Lost in the Movies: Training Day (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #9) ... + a quick election/Journey Through Twin Peaks status update

Training Day (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #9) ... + a quick election/Journey Through Twin Peaks status update

First, since this podcast was scheduled to go up last week, some housekeeping is in order. I've been trying to keep up with the new "Path through Journey Through Twin Peaks" schedule I created a month ago, even to the point where I fell behind on podcast deadlines, but eventually it became clear that between holiday travel and news distractions, November was going to set me pretty far back if I kept going that way. So the next Journey video chapter, on Mark Frost, will wait until December; in the mean time I'll be focusing on November and early December podcasts, be they for patrons or the public. I've updated the "Path" post and thread to reflect this.

Also, I obviously decided not to do the election night week tweet round-up that I was considering in last week's status update. If you're curious what I had to say about all of it, here are my tweets from those five days - scroll to the bottom to start on Election Day (here are my retweets from that period...and to go full circle, my last tweet on the day the race was decided was a reply to my last tweet from Election Night 2016).

Onto Training Day. Although covered as part of my ongoing Ethan Hawke survey (one more film remains for December, probably my favorite of the bunch), Denzel Washington is obviously the big draw here as the diabolically clever corrupt cop taking Hawke's rookie for a ride. Nonetheless, I found that more subdued character fascinating to tease out as well. To what extent are his reactions driven by morality vs. fear of getting into trouble? I love how the film plays with our conceptions of what is and is not acceptable based on social context. I also discuss how director Antoine Fuqua seems less interested in judgement than understanding even within the genre constraints he's operating under.

And as I mention in the episode itself, next week I will be discussing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Parasite, Joker, and The Irishman - if you have thoughts on any of these, please send them my way via comment, tweet, DM, email or whatever form suits you. I’ll share any feedback on that episode itself if I receive it in the next few days.

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