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Before the Season 2 finale

Journey Through Twin Peaks video series chapter 17 - Theosophy & the Lodge lore

Season 2 finale

Journey Through Twin Peaks video series chapter 19 - Cooper in the Black Lodge

"Meta" theory on Cooper, Windom, and Bob

Fire Walk With Me/The Missing Pieces

Character study: The Spirits of Twin Peaks

Journey Through Twin Peaks video series chapter 22 - Owl Cave ring

Journey Through Twin Peaks video series chapter 23 - spirit/human connection, electricity, Owl Cave ring, Bob, Mike & the Arm, Theosophy & Hinduism

Journey Through Twin Peaks video series chapter 25 - Owl Cave ring, angels, Hinduism

First Time Viewer Companion commentary: The Ending - angels

"Back Door to the Black Lodge" - relationship of human & spirit story (from conversation w/ Tony Dayoub)

Round-up of my forum comments:
Judy, killer's identity

Round-up of my forum comments:
My interpretation of the film's ending, killer's identity

Round-up of my forum comments:
Mike/Phillip Gerard theories, Owl Cave ring, killer's identity, where Twin Peaks could have gone after resolving the central mystery

Character study: Phillip Gerard

Character study: Phillip Jeffries

Round-up of minor or "hidden" characters - angels

During/after Season 3

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discussions of mythology are also mixed into many relevant episode reviews, essays, conversations and more


Catherine Coulson passes away

Documentaries & Fan films

Interview w/ Scott Ryan, director of Voyage to Twin Peaks

Interview w/ Cameron Cloutier, director of Queen of Hearts

"European version" alternate ending to pilot

Journey Through Twin Peaks video series chapter 17

Review as part of a full Lynch retrospective

Fan culture

In comparison to Neon Genesis Evangelion & the Star Wars prequels

Georgia Coffee commercials

Review as part of a full Lynch retrospective

Incest as a theme

Journey Through Twin Peaks: making the video series

Introducing the videos to fans: Who/what/where/whey/why/how

Essay on the lead-up & creating Pt. 1

Essay on creating Pts. 2 - 4

Twin Peaks Reflections podcast segment - Musical structure (Patreon)

Twin Peaks Reflections podcast segment - Formal approach (Patreon)


Greetings from Twin Peaks (a few pictures from my visit)

Twin Peaks Reflections podcast segment - Saw mill & Train car (Patreon)

Twin Peaks Reflections podcast segment - Sam's apartment & Buenos Aires hotel (Patreon)

Mark Frost's involvement with the show



(illustration by Francesco Bongiorni)



Wrapped in Plastic & Blue Rose Magazines

Interview w/ John Thorne, publisher of Wrapped in Plastic

Interview w/ John Thorne, author of The Essential Wrapped in Plastic: Pathways to Twin Peaks


 in Episode 56new website Twin Philosopeaks, John Malkovich's Lynch video, season 3 Cooper motifs, mothers & sons in Lynch, Lost in Twin Peaks approach, Ray Wise dugpa thread, betting odds on "Lynch Madness" brackets, trauma book, different timestreams in Twin Peaks, Bob creates Red Room, Ronnie Rocket, waiting room vs. Black Lodge, Take the Ring video, John Thorne interview, offline Peaks connections, Fire Walk With Me & availability (Patreon)

in Episode 53How I research Twin Peaks & why my presentation is different now, psychology vs. spirituality in Twin Peaks, The Dead Zone & Twin Peaks, Trauma in Twin Peaks, Cooper's Failure & the Palmer house, Roses/Angels/Tibetan Buddhism, when am I continuing my Journey videos?

in Episode 52: psychology vs. spirituality in Twin Peaks, Cooper's enlightenment - end of Twin Peaks?, Lynch & analysis of intent (Patreon)

in Episode 51: The Missing Pieces, Mr. C's speaking style, roses disappear from Laura's painting, Ray Wise behind the scenes in season 3, Lynch & Frost collaboration/relationship, Harley Peyton writing Shelly/Gordon & abandoning the Audrey/Cooper romance, interpretations of the ring, psychology vs. spirituality in Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me as different genres, first Twin Peaks video (Patreon)

in Episode 50: Hands in Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me book interview, is the Evolution of the Arm a good guy?, The Return's connections to seasons 1 & 2, Maddy's murder and Laura's spirit, Red (Patreon)

in Episode 49: The Owl Cave ring and Annie's nurse, Sherilyn Fenn in season 3, did Lynch care about the Audrey/Cooper romance?, who is Red?, is Audrey dead?, "Mike is the man" & Halloween (Patreon)

in Episode 48: the RR counter scene, Leland/Bob, Teresa's ring, the Pink Room & the Red Room, Twin Peaks truckers (Patreon)

in Episode 47my disclaimer about how I'll respond, Michael & Us covers Donnie Darko, Judy as repetition, different versions of the Palmer house, One Eyed Jack's & spirit world, Teresa & the dirt mound, Cooper leading Carrie to her death?, Laura & the ring, Lynch vs. Frost on Judy, do theories overlook flaws? (Patreon)

in Episode 44: Sherilyn Fenn talks about season 3, Halloween & Fire Walk With Me, what is Judy?, did Lynch become more straightforward?, Deer Meadow & dream theory, season 3 behind-the-scenes documentary, who is Linda?, Diane & Cooper's mission in Pt. 17 & 18, "federal prison" = Black Lodge, uncles & cousins, Red & Richard Horne, circuitry in the mythology, Cooper is pathetic in Pt. 16, Twin Peaks & Eyes Wide Shut, ep. 17 wake fits non-response to trauma in s3, Mady's "Fire Walk With Me" face in ep. 14, 4 Ways to Watch Fire Walk With Me (Patreon)

in Episode 42: Cooper & Mr. C, Leland & Cooper (Patreon)

in Episode 41: patrons switching places at the diner, the actor in Carrie's house is not the loan shark, Frost's knowledge of casting, season 1/2 rewatch for Twin Peaks Reflections?, FWWM early draft, I Love the 90s w/ Twin Peaks theme (Patreon)

in Episode 39: Twin Peaks/Neon Genesis Evangelion, Double R counter patrons - is that shift/cut a continuity error & does it matter, Carrie Page as Laura's dreamer (Patreon)

in Episode 37: responses to my coverage of Pts. 17 & 18 (as well as pre-s3 predictions, Pt. 16, old Twin Peaks episodes, Maddy, comic-con panel, ring in s3, David Learns to Fly, etc) (Patreon)

in Episode 35: Pt. 14 feedback including the green glove, Diane & Janey-E as sisters, and whose smile is inside of Sarah? (Patreon)

in Episode 33: Twin Peaks pianist, Cooper as the guilty dreamer in The Return & sexual abuse as the secret of Mulholland Drive - followed by my reply about the Mulholland Drive theories & Rita Hayworth's traumatic history (Patreon)

in Episode 32: Pt. 10 feedback including Audrey Horne's original storyline, Pt. 12 feedback, Richard Horne's importance

in Episode 31Pt. 9 feedback including the Search for the Zone site and the Hornes & the waterfall (Patreon)

in Episode 30: Pt. 8 feedback including a lengthy passage on Twin Peaks, art, and creativity (Patreon)

in Episode 26Dougie's gesture in Pt. 4 & 6 (Patreon)

in Episode 24Twin Peaks Pts. 1 & 2, 3 & 4 (Patreon)

in Episode 23: Twin Peaks Pt. 1 & 2 (Patreon)

in Episode 21s3 speculation, Josie Packard reflections (Patreon)

in Episode 19Value of Twin Peaks season 2 (Patreon)

in Episode 18Red in Twin Peaks season 3 (Patreon)

in Episode 16Lynch/Frost different takes on Cooper (Patreon)

in Episode 15: Peyton/Frost/Lynch creating Twin Peaks, response to "rewatch on acid" and "Judy cage bomb" theories

in Episode 6watching the Twin Peaks killer's reveal at 13, Fire Walk With Me as a fairy tale (comparison w/ Donkeyskin) and Christian martyrs' tales (Patreon)

in Episode 3: on Mulholland Drive/Twin Peaks (Patreon)

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