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Written Conversations

w/ Tony Dayoub, film critic (Four-Part Correspondence on Fire Walk With Me)

w/ Lindsay Stamhuis, podcaster/writer 
#1 On Season 3 a few weeks later (first half)(second half)

#2 On Parts 5 - 8 a year later

(Author interviews)

w/ Andy Burns

w/ Brad Dukes

w/ Lindsay Hallam

w/ Andreas Halskov

w/ Martha Nochimson

w/ John Thorne
#1 On Wrapped in Plastic Magazine

#2 On The Missing Pieces

#3 On the Season 3 announcement

#4 On his new book The Essential Wrapped in Plastic: Pathways to Twin Peaks

(Filmmaker interviews)

w/ Cameron Cloutier, director of fan film Queen of Hearts

w/ Scott Ryan, director of documentary Voyage to Twin Peaks

(all other mentions - starting from the earliest)

discussion of shooting location w/ filmmaker Jared Drake

discussion (including Journey Through Twin Peaks) with video essayist Kevin B. Lee

criticism of Fire Walk With Me in discussion w/ critic Alex Sheremet

Guests on My Podcast

w/ Em & Steve of No Ship Network
Clip talking about the New Mexico sequence in Part 8 (PUBLIC)

...Full Season 3 Rewatch segment on Part 8 (PATREON)

w/ Martha Nochimson, author of Television Rewired (PUBLIC)

w/ John Thorne
Clip talking about Wrapped in Plastic & post-season 3 fandom (PUBLIC)

...On Season 3 (part 1) (PATREON)

...On Season 3 (part 2) (PATREON)

...Clip talking about Cooper & the "mediated reality" theory (PUBLIC)

...Full exploration of the above theory (PATREON)

Lost in Twin Peaks

S1E6 (Cooper's Dreams/"Episode 5") (PATREON - $5/month tier until January 2020)

S1E7 (Realization Time/"Episode 6") (PATREON - $5/month tier until February 2020)

Season 1 Finale: S1E8 (The Last Evening/"Episode 7")
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S2E2 (Coma/"Episode 9")
(PATREON - $5/month tier until May 2020)

The Missing Pieces (PATREON)

Part 8 ("Gotta light?") (PATREON - FREE sample)

Guest Appearances on Other Podcasts

Farewell to the Log Lady

Discussing the Killer's Reveal

Honoring Twin Peaks Day (including Lynch/Rivette retrospective)

Discussing the Owl Cave ring

Discussing the theme of incest

Discussing Mark Frost

Speculating about season 3

Twin Peaks documentaries

The TWIN PEAKS Character Series

(illustration by Francesco Bongiorni)

The TV pilot version of Mulholland Drive w/ Mya McBriar and John Thorne

"Twin Peaks was awfully busy that night, wasn't it?"
discussing the Season 1 finale w/ Lindsay & Aidan of Bickering Peaks

Season 2 Madness w/ Sam Iswitt

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(from the most recent)


(Major subjects - from the most recent)

FREE The Pilot (12-minute coverage)

(Characters, from the most recent)


(Locations, from the most recent)

(Subplot connection to season 3, Peaks spin-off, or Lynch film - from the most recent)

Cocaine in Twin Peaks w/ Part 6

Nadine's Drape Runners w/ Part 13

The Packard Saw Mill Fire w/ The Access Guide

(Other random subjects, from the most recent)

Fire Walk With Me as Twin Peaks episode

Fire Walk With Me as Lynch project

Lindsay Hallam's Fire Walk With Me book

Fire Walk With Me in season 3

Fire Walk With Me as art film

Fire Walk With Me as horror movie

Twin Peaks fandom a year after season 3

Surveying my interviews with Twin Peaks scholars

Early draft of Fire Walk With Me

Ideas for future Twin Peaks Reflections

Rounding up the First Time Viewer Companion

 FREE Update on Journey Through Twin Peaks

Jeffries teapot cartoon (watch the cartoon itself)

Frost's "mistakes" in The Secret History

Parts 17/18 as two "solo albums" & other highlights from Harley Peyton/Bob Engels interviews

Diane...: The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper

The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes

Welcome to Twin Peaks: Access Guide to the Town

Musical structure of Journey Through Twin Peaks

Formal approach to Journey Through Twin Peaks

The Secret History of Twin Peaks & The Final Dossier audiobooks

The Lodgers podcast w/ Dennis Lim on the David Lynch & Mark Frost collaboration

Hill Street Blues comparisons (1) • (2) • (3) • (4) • (5) (all on Patreon)

The difference between old and new


 in Episode 56new website Twin Philosopeaks, John Malkovich's Lynch video, season 3 Cooper motifs, mothers & sons in Lynch, Lost in Twin Peaks approach, Ray Wise dugpa thread, betting odds on "Lynch Madness" brackets, trauma book, different timestreams in Twin Peaks, Bob creates Red Room, Ronnie Rocket, waiting room vs. Black Lodge, Take the Ring video, John Thorne interview, offline Peaks connections, Fire Walk With Me & availability

in Episode 53How I research Twin Peaks & why my presentation is different now, psychology vs. spirituality in Twin Peaks, The Dead Zone & Twin Peaks, Trauma in Twin Peaks, Cooper's Failure & the Palmer house, Roses/Angels/Tibetan Buddhism, when am I continuing my Journey videos?

in Episode 52: psychology vs. spirituality in Twin Peaks, Cooper's enlightenment - end of Twin Peaks?, Lynch & analysis of intent

in Episode 51: The Missing Pieces, Mr. C's speaking style, roses disappear from Laura's painting, Ray Wise behind the scenes in season 3, Lynch & Frost collaboration/relationship, Harley Peyton writing Shelly/Gordon & abandoning the Audrey/Cooper romance, interpretations of the ring, psychology vs. spirituality in Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me as different genres, first Twin Peaks video

in Episode 50: Hands in Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me book interview, is the Evolution of the Arm a good guy?, The Return's connections to seasons 1 & 2, Maddy's murder and Laura's spirit, Red

in Episode 49: The Owl Cave ring and Annie's nurse, Sherilyn Fenn in season 3, did Lynch care about the Audrey/Cooper romance?, who is Red?, is Audrey dead?, "Mike is the man" & Halloween

in Episode 48: the RR counter scene, Leland/Bob, Teresa's ring, the Pink Room & the Red Room, Twin Peaks truckers

in Episode 47my disclaimer about how I'll respond, Michael & Us covers Donnie Darko, Judy as repetition, different versions of the Palmer house, One Eyed Jack's & spirit world, Teresa & the dirt mound, Cooper leading Carrie to her death?, Laura & the ring, Lynch vs. Frost on Judy, do theories overlook flaws?

in Episode 44: Sherilyn Fenn talks about season 3, Halloween & Fire Walk With Me, what is Judy?, did Lynch become more straightforward?, Deer Meadow & dream theory, season 3 behind-the-scenes documentary, who is Linda?, Diane & Cooper's mission in Pt. 17 & 18, "federal prison" = Black Lodge, uncles & cousins, Red & Richard Horne, circuitry in the mythology, Cooper is pathetic in Pt. 16, Twin Peaks & Eyes Wide Shut, ep. 17 wake fits non-response to trauma in s3, Mady's "Fire Walk With Me" face in ep. 14, 4 Ways to Watch Fire Walk With Me

in Episode 42: Cooper & Mr. C, Leland & Cooper

in Episode 41: patrons switching places at the diner, the actor in Carrie's house is not the loan shark, Frost's knowledge of casting, season 1/2 rewatch for Twin Peaks Reflections?, FWWM early draft, I Love the 90s w/ Twin Peaks theme

in Episode 39: Twin Peaks/Neon Genesis Evangelion, Double R counter patrons - is that shift/cut a continuity error & does it matter, Carrie Page as Laura's dreamer

in Episode 37: responses to my coverage of Pts. 17 & 18 (as well as pre-s3 predictions, Pt. 16, old Twin Peaks episodes, Maddy, comic-con panel, ring in s3, David Learns to Fly, etc)

in Episode 35: Pt. 14 feedback including the green glove, Diane & Janey-E as sisters, and whose smile is inside of Sarah?

in Episode 33: Twin Peaks pianist, Cooper as the guilty dreamer in The Return & sexual abuse as the secret of Mulholland Drive - followed by my reply about the Mulholland Drive theories & Rita Hayworth's traumatic history

in Episode 32: Pt. 10 feedback including Audrey Horne's original storyline, Pt. 12 feedback, Richard Horne's importance

in Episode 31Pt. 9 feedback including the Search for the Zone site and the Hornes & the waterfall

in Episode 30: Pt. 8 feedback including a lengthy passage on Twin Peaks, art, and creativity

in Episode 26Dougie's gesture in Pt. 4 & 6

in Episode 24Twin Peaks Pts. 1 & 2, 3 & 4

in Episode 23: Twin Peaks Pt. 1 & 2

in Episode 21s3 speculation, Josie Packard reflections

in Episode 19Value of Twin Peaks season 2

in Episode 18Red in Twin Peaks season 3

in Episode 16Lynch/Frost different takes on Cooper

in Episode 15: Peyton/Frost/Lynch creating Twin Peaks, response to "rewatch on acid" and "Judy cage bomb" theories

in Episode 6watching the Twin Peaks killer's reveal at 13, Fire Walk With Me as a fairy tale (comparison w/ Donkeyskin) and Christian martyrs' tales

in Episode 3: on Mulholland Drive/Twin Peaks


Film in Focus: 10 Connections Between Eraserhead & Inland Empire + bonus: Blue Velvet (Patreon)


(brief film/TV comparisons)

Carnival of Souls (Patreon)

The Devil Rides Out (Patreon)

The End of Evangelion

Star Wars

Shanghai Gesture (Patreon)

(very brief film/TV asides)

Upstream Color (Patreon)

(all other mentions - starting from the earliest)

Patreon video intro mentioning Twin Peaks work (old rewards)

recap of first Twin Peaks viewing (Patreon)

recap of finishing first Twin Peaks rewatch (Patreon)

recaps of Twin Peaks work from 2015 - 2018 (1) • (2) • (3) • (4) • (5) • (6) (all Patreon)

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