Lost in the Movies: Blade Runner 2049 w/ guest Max Clark (LOST IN THE MOVIES #32)

Blade Runner 2049 w/ guest Max Clark (LOST IN THE MOVIES #32)

Thirty years after the original Blade Runner takes place (even longer - thirty-five - since the 1982 film came out), Blade Runner 2049 imaginatively riffs on a classic. Rich subjects to discuss include how common replicants (manufactured humans, organic robots essentially) have become in the world of this movie, the nature of replicants' emotions, and particularly whether or not Joi (an artificial-intelligence "app" one further step removed from the fully human characters) has any real, independent sense of consciousness. Continuing the public Denis Villeneuve sci-fi miniseries begun last week with my brand-new discussion of Arrival, this was actually one of the earliest episodes I ever recorded for patrons, just months after the film's release. It's also one of my rare conversations with another commentator; in August I released another, on Eyes Wide Shut with Andrew Cook, and like that one, this has actually already been shared publicly on YouTube (in late 2018). However, I wanted to make a home for it in my regular podcast stream. The timing is good as I'll be be discussing Villeneuve's new film, Dune, next week (it hits theaters tomorrow) - possibly with Max once again.

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