Lost in the Movies: THE ARCHIVE: 2015


Journey Through Twin Peaks Part 4 (Fire Walk With Me) • True Detective seasons 1 & 2 viewing diary • Twin Peaks interviews: Andy Burns, Andreas Halskov • David Lynch leaves & returns to Twin Peaks 3-part interview w/ Kevin B. Lee on video essays • Fandor video essays begin (including Learning to Look and Welcome to Hill Valley) • Twin Peaks podcasts (Twin Peaks Unwrapped, Obnoxious & Anonymous) Neon Genesis Evangelion series resumes & concludes (ep. 8 - 22) • The Favorites series resumes • YouTube video series: "The 3 1/2 Minute Review" - "Side by Side" - "Cinepoem" - "Montage" • ranking every Twin Peaks episode • The End of Evangelion week • Lynch/Rivette retrospective • The Prisoner viewing diary begins • returning to Star Wars

Chapter 21: Journeying into Twin Peaks (July 2014 - February 2015)
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Stepping back to set up the first chapter of Part 4, establishing the film as our focus

A guide to separating the theatrical cut from The Missing Pieces (fanedits were confusing many first-time viewers)


Journey Through Twin Peaks concludes with the longest part yet, focused on Fire Walk With Me, the notorious feature film that ended the first Twin Peaks cycle

All of the visual composites used in the last part of my Twin Peaks video series

Collecting the completed (for now) Journey Through Twin Peaks in one place, with a trailer to promote it

Chapter 22: Genesis of a Video Detective (March - August 2015)
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I took a long breather after Journey Through Twin Peaks, and then set my course for upcoming work

My first written film review in six months: a Polish film about Nazi concentration camps, shot by and starring survivors

With a new Twin Peaks book hitting the shelves, I took the opportunity for another interview

Screenshots from the climactic sequence of True Detective, which I'd just finished watching (and was about to publish a viewing diary for)


Announcing the debut of my viewing diary format

Did David Lynch just quit Twin Peaks?!

Celebrating Twin Peaks' twenty-fifth anniversary in the immediate shadow of a potential crisis

Interviewing the master video essayist about his short film analyzing the global production of a Transformers sequel and the broader cultural and economic implications

The aesthetics of making, and watching, video essays - the discussion continues (with lots of examples)

The (then-)future concludes our discussion; will the video essay merge with the essay film or create something new? (with more examples)

Kicking off my first viewing diary, writing about each episode after seeing it for the first time

Randomly reviewing a Jacques Rivette film in a year that would end up very Rivette-heavy

The mystery begins with a body in a Louisiana field

A shot-by-shot breakdown of Asuka's meltdown in Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 22

Whispers of the Yellow King


A shift in my sensibility framed by V.F. Perkins' book and Twin Peaks

Martin Hart's personal life is cracking up as the detectives circle closer to a prime suspect

My first video essay for Fandor (and my first since Journey Through Twin Peaks), on the peculiar world of the Quay brothers

A detour into a biker gang subplot and a one-shot wonder sequence mark perhaps the most episodic hour of the show

Comments from the brief era when the future of a Lynch-directed Twin Peaks season 3 was in doubt

In a surprise move, the series changes course and leaps ahead

Sham psychic tries to go straight (or does he?)

Maybe my favorite episode, as the detectives' personal struggles come to the fore


Transferring my film clip series to Vimeo for higher quality and adding a couple more clips that were supposed to be in at the time

Is it all coming together now?

Screenshots from a teleplay using its form in interesting ways

Into the heart of Carcosa...

How I remember experiencing each big turning point in Twin Peaks back in 2008

Rounding up my first season reviews along with all the striking screenshots I couldn't find a place for until now

My growing interest in the phenomenon of fandom, observed through the lens of Twin Peaks, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the Star Wars prequels

Offering a refresher on the first episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion with Bob Clark and Japanese writer Murderous Ink before resuming the episode guide

I finished True Detective season 1 just in time to move onto season 2 while it aired on HBO in the summer of 2015

Reacting to the True Detective season 2 premiere with ambivalence

What do a raven and a hitman have in common?


Asuka's arrival resumes my Evangelion coverage in the year the show takes place in (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

The friendly bus driver and his passengers, happy, sad, and everything in between

One of my favorite video essays analyzes eye contact in a film about the birth of a saleswoman

Using Dance Dance Revolution to slay the Angels (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

Dreaming of a Conrad Twitty impersonator on True Detective

A serial killer's requiem for a massacre

Again, a shootout slices a True Detective season in half

All you need is lava (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

Hitting the lucky number anniversary on my site

How do the images of Maya Deren align with the world as seen by quantum physics?

As season 2 moves forward it also trips over itself

Attack of the giant spider Angel (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

Almost three-quarters of the way into the season, finally a really excellent episode

"What motivates you to fight against the Angels?" (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

How did different Twin Peaks fans respond to major moments in the series when viewing for the first time?


With a dramatic death and a dramatic coming together, the season approaches its conclusion

Ritsuko fights the Angel virus (includes conversation with Bob Clark)

My video essay juxtaposes two films, decades apart, in which Victor Sjostrom faces Death in an old carriage

Discussing a new study of Allen's work

After a shaky season, True Detective heads into the woods - and the desert - for a truly Californian finale

Evangelion puts its own spin on the clip-show cliche (includes conversation with Bob Clark)

Chapter 23: A World Without Uncertainty (August - December 2015)
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Lost in the Movies for 7 Days: a status update for the coming week...and year!
Launching a full week of activity to conclude some projects and renew or initiate others

Coming Attractions on my YouTube channel (video)
Schedule for fall/winter 2015-16...a new video (in one of five formats) every five weeks

True Detective: thoughts on seasons 1 & 2
Taking in two seasons of True Detective, dissecting the flaws and strengths of both

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 15 - "Those Women Longed For the Touch of Others' Lips, and Thus Invited Their Kisses"
A quiet episode feels like one of the series' most important, kicking off a really strong run straight through the finale (and film) (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

The Twin Peaks Unwrapped Interview (podcast discussing the first season & my video series)
Making my first of many appearances on this Twin Peaks podcast to cover the first eight episodes with a veteran viewer and a newbie

The Favorites - All the President's Men (#93)
Six days shy of a quarter-decade after it stopped, the Favorites series resumes with typewriter keys sounding the death knell of a presidency

7 Rooms: montage guide for an abandoned film
A video I created to help me envision the structure of an anthology film. Though I never pursued the project, I liked the juxtaposition of clips, images, and music so I ended up sharing it a year later

The 3 1/2 Minute Review of Neon Genesis Evangelion (video)
My first YouTube video essay since the end of Journey Through Twin Peaks offered a much quicker take on another TV show

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 16 - "Splitting of the Breast"
Where Evangelion goes off the rails - in the best sense possible (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

The Favorites - Emak-Bakia (#92)
An experimental short from the interwar years belongs to the distant past, the glimpsed future, and the eternal present

Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down... (status update)
Joining Tumblr as another expansion after additional Blogger sites, YouTube, Twitter, and Vimeo


Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 17 - "Fourth CHILD"
Who will be the new Evangelion pilot? (includes conversation with Bob Clark)

The Favorites - Faust (#91)
F.W. Murnau brilliantly shifts tones between horror, adventure, romance, and farce in his devil-made-me-do-it Expressionist masterpiece

Labor day status update
Delaying a big video for at least a week

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 18 - "Ambivalence"
When a crisis hits, who controls the Eva? (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

The Favorites - Cria Cuervos (#90)
Ana Torrent provides one of the best child performances of all time in a film about the death of an oppressive father

Side by Side - Neon Genesis Evangelion & Twin Peaks (premiering later today)
"Neon Genesis Evangelion ... is a robot saga the same way Twin Peaks was a cop show." - Comic Buyers Guide (starting with that sentiment, I created one of my favorite videos for the site)

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 19 - ""Introjection"
Going berserker (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

The Favorites - Stop Making Sense (#89)
A concert film with a subtle narrative

Idylls of the King ("Cinepoem" video)
Pairing Tennyson's poem with a montage of manipulated film clips

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 20 - "Weaving a Story 2: oral stage"
Shinji deep-dives inside the Eva - and his own subconscious... (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

The Favorites - Place de la Republique ((#88)
Louis Malle turns the "man in the street" interview into a work of art

Six Years in America: Louis Malle's God's Country (video)
By coincidence, two Malle tributes back-to-back, this one a comparison of the 1978 and 1985 sections of his PBS farmland opus

Farewell to the Log Lady (including podcast for Obnoxious & Anonymous)
Paying tribute to Catherine Coulson on the day she passed away

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 21 - "He was aware that he was still a child."
One of my favorite episodes of Evangelion, full of flashbacks and revelations (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)


The Favorites - Platform (#87)
The transformation of China in the eighties, conveyed through long takes and subtle but eventually dizzying transformations

Montage: Symphony of the Devils (video)
Richards/Taylor and Haxan/Hellraiser, a pair of devilish duos

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 22 - "Don't Be."
Asuka's apocalyptic mind-battle (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

The Favorites - Miraculous Virgin (#86)
Little-seen Slovakian slice of the sixties, rich with poetic ambiguity and a surrealist bent expressed through camerawork more than editing or script

Twin Peaks Out of Order
In which I rank and and review every episode of Twin Peaks' first run, from least-favorite to favorite (a fun away to rewatch the series)

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 23 - "Rei II"
And now Rei reaches her apocalyptic moment (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

The Favorites - Schindler's List (#85)
Steven Spielberg's ambitious and flawed, acclaimed and controversial approach mixes raw realism with Hollywood stylization and collective history with individual narrative

Back to the Future: Welcome to Hill Valley (video)
My side-by-side video essay compares all the different versions of Hill Valley in the Back to the Future trilogy, released on the actual date Marty arrived in the "future" (for one brief moment, on October 21, 2015, that meme was finally true)

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 24 - "The Beginning and the End, or 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door'"
Hello, Kaworu (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

The Favorites - Raging Bull (#84)
Largely sustained by fierce, focused intensity but the moments of grace and grandeur suggest a much wider world on the periphery of the protagonist's blinkered vision

The Creators of Laura Palmer (+ a status update)
How the character of Laura Palmer evolved from input both casual and impassioned

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episodes 25 & 26 - "Do you love me?" & "Take care of yourself"
The Neon Genesis Evangelion finale can stand alongside the finales of Twin Peaks and The Prisoner as a bold departure from an already-bold show (includes conversation with Bob Clark and Murderous Ink)

The Favorites - Syndromes and a Century (#83)
The juxtaposition of city and country: how environment affects perception and re-directs narrative (among many other rich aspects of this film)


The End of Evangelion week on Lost in the Movies
Seven days straight devoted to The End of Evangelion, starting with this introduction

The 3 1/2 Minute Review of The End of Evangelion
A brief video essay reviewing the Evangelion film on its own

Neon Genesis Evangelion - The End of Evangelion, Part 1 of 3: My Review (discussion w/ Bob Clark begins tomorrow)
My extended review of the Evangelion film and its relationship to the series

Neon Genesis Evangelion - The End of Evangelion, Part 2 of 3: discussion w/ Bob Clark on the film's style & story (+ final comment from Murderous Ink)
Bob Clark and I begin our Evangelion conversation and Murderous Ink shares some media commentary from the late nineties

Neon Genesis Evangelion - The End of Evangelion, Part 3 of 3: discussion w/ Bob Clark on the film's characters
Bob Clark concludes his contribution to the Evangelion series as we examine the sprawling ensemble of the show and film, one by one

The Favorites - The End of Evangelion (#82)
Exploring End of Evangelion as a standalone feature, cinema rather than TV, for my Favorites series

Absolute Terror: images from the battle in The End of Evangelion
A visual tribute to Asuka's final stand closes my "End of Evangelion Week"

Talking Mulholland Drive with Twin Peaks Unwrapped
I was one of several guests for my second appearance on this podcast, each of us discussing David Lynch's film (and its relationship to Twin Peaks) in turn

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Evangelion 1.11
The first Evangelion rebuild film doesn't vary too much from the series

The Favorites - The Civil War (#81)
Ken Burns bridges the gap between history as journalistic/scholarly excavation and history as folk mythology

Side by Side: Rear Window and Dial M for Murder (video)
Converting my 2011 essay comparing and contrasting these two works into a 2015 video essay

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Evangelion 2.22
The second Evangelion rebuild film begins to depart from the series in significant ways

The Favorites - The Adventures of Robin Hood (#80)
A timeless swashbuckler, yet also very much of its time

Thoughts on Cooper, Windom, and Bob
A new reading of the Twin Peaks finale occurred to me in light of my favored Fire Walk With Me interpretation

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Evangelion 3.33
The third Evangelion rebuild film makes a radical shift into left field

The Favorites - The Wizard of Oz (#79)
One of my longer Favorites pieces, on a film that can be viewed through so many different prisms (including, yes, that one on the Pink Floyd album cover)

Cinepoem: Emily Dickinson's After Great Pain (video)
Emily Dickinson paired with Yasujiro Ozu (after a transitional introduction evoking a recent dream)


Neon Genesis Evangelion: the complete episode guide
After three years - mostly spent on a long break - my Neon Genesis Evangelion episode guide concludes with the full line-up in one place

The Favorites - Late Spring (#78)
In any given scene during Noriko's glacial transition from daughter to bride, we may notice writing on the wall, yet the moment on hand proceeds

Twin Peaks Unwrapped: discussing the Killer's Reveal
Joining the introcast's coverage of episode 14 to analyze the implications and find out how the first-time viewer reacted

Chapter 24: Paris, Portmeirion, and Other Planets (December 2015 - April 2016)
Read about this chapter

The Prisoner viewing diary begins...
Line-up for the sixties British series as I watch it for the first time

Lured in by Lynch & Rivette: a retrospective at Lincoln Center (+ status update for coming week)
I attended and reviewed a week-and-a-half-long film series in New York consisting of David Lynch/Jacques Rivette double features

The Favorites - The River (#77)
Jean Renoir's first color film displays his father's gifts with an eye-popping palette

Blue Velvet & The Duchess of Langeais (Lynch/Rivette Retrospective #1)
The first double feature poses the question: is General de Montriveau his film's Jeffrey Beaumont, or its Frank Booth - or both?

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me & Joan the Maid Part 1: The Battles/Part 2: The Prisons (Lynch/Rivette Retrospective #2)
Maybe the strongest double feature, and probably my strongest review of the series, pairs two blonde teenage martyrs played by brilliant actresses born in '67 who gave life to the legends that preceded them

The Prisoner - "Arrival"
Number Six finds himself in a resort/prison, shot in Portmeirion but set in God knows where

Eraserhead & Paris Belongs to Us (Lynch/Rivette Retrospective #4)
Lynch's and Rivette's eerie black-and-white debuts make an obvious duo but this juxtaposition reveals as many differences as similarities

The Favorites - La Roue (#76)
Not just groundbreaking montage but earnest melodrama marks Abel Gance's dynamic vision

Wild at Heart & L'Amour Fou (Lynch/Rivette Retrospective #3)
Thematic similarity aside, these are also crucial transitional films for both directors

Lost Highway & Duelle (Lynch/Rivette Retrospective #5)
Quasi-noir surrealism in Los Angeles and Paris

Mulholland Drive & Celine and Julie Go Boating (Lynch/Rivette Retrospective #6)
Of course! The pairing that inspired the series in the first place forms a giddy five-hour dream of magic, mystery, and cinema

The Paradox of Twin Peaks & David Lynch: interview with Andreas Halskov, author of TV Peaks
The Danish scholar chats about his in-depth book, emphasizing Peaks as innovative television and expression of Lynch's vision

Inland Empire & The Story of Marie and Julien (Lynch/Rivette Retrospective #7)
A late Rivette that may be his most Lynchian, and a late Lynch that is definitely his most Rivettian

The Prisoner - "Dance of the Dead"
The Village throws a carnival

The Favorites - Pandora's Box (#75)
Louise Brooks is a revelation as the Jazz Age reaches its roaring climax

The End of 2015, a status update: Star Wars & more (5 days this week)
With the end of the year approaching and a major endeavor concluded, I laid out my plans for 2016 (and sooner)

The Force Awakens: thoughts on the phenomenon & film
The dawn of a new Star Wars era, viewed as an individual film but also an indicator of larger (troubling) trends

The Prisoner - "Free for All"
Number Six is determined to subvert the system from within via an electoral campaign - but is this possible?

Montage: Two and One (Jacques Rivette & Brian Eno) (video)
Playing the numbers game with the filmmaker and musician in my audiovisual tribute to close off a Rivette-heavy month (though there's still more to come)

(I covered this year on Episodes 20, 21, 22, and 23 of my Patreon podcast)

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