Lost in the Movies: Under the Skin (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #53)

Under the Skin (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #53)

An unnamed woman (Scarlett Johansson) scopes her terrain and stalks her prey in nocturnal Glasgow, driving a van around mostly empty streets to pick up random men and entrap them in a mysterious extraterrestrial process - an inky, soupy dance that likely inspired Get Out and Stranger Things - inside a vacant building. We find out what's going on - to a degree - quite early in Under the Skin, in contrast to the novel it's based upon; on the other hand, that novel offers a much more detailed portrait of the alien economy and ecosystem that fosters this hunt. Jonathan Glazer's 2013 film, which took years to bring to the screen, is more interested in texture and sensation than weaving a mythology. Long stretches unfold without dialogue and much of the dialogue in Scarlett's van is actually improvised with non-actors who initially didn't know they were on camera. The combination of unusual, divergent elements results in one of the most impressive films of the past decade. This discussion was originally published for my $1/month tier on Patreon as part of my larger coverage of 2010s films in February. I usually prefer to wait at least six months to add a patron-exclusive film review to my public feeds, but since I'll soon be taking a hiatus (at minimum) from this podcast, now seemed like a good time to share. This is my second exception to that rule and as with the first (a Twin Peaks Cinema episode on The Sweet Hereafter), I'm leaving the discussion of the book this film was adapted from on Patreon - so make sure to check that out if you want to hear more.

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(begins at 3:14:58)


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