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First of all, if you want to scan the history of Lost in the Movies, with an image and description for every single post in the order it appeared, you can visit my Full Archive - dozens of pages organized by "chapter" and year.

All of my individual posts, organized by year or chapter of my site's history

However, if you'd rather look up a particular title or more rapidly scroll through a list of subjects, there are two main directories, alphabetical and chronological by film (although I also have geographical, directorial, and TV directories too). I've also organized directories to my "Remembering the Movies" retrospective, my video clip series, and my in-depth series on The Wind in the Willows. Most of these directories contain lots of pictures, and could be scrolled for visual enjoyment alone.

Every movie review listed alphabetically, followed by lists of other topics

All movies covered in any capacity on this blog, organized by decade and year

Geographical Directory
Continental/regional/national cinemas covered via review/video essay/visual tribute

Directory of Directors
Every film director whom I covered at least twice

The Complete Twin Peaks Directory
Everything I have ever published about Twin Peaks

All of My Video Essays
Narrated, non-narrated, montage, side-by-side...every form of video analysis/tribute

TV Viewing Diaries
Shows covered episode-by-episode, usually on a first viewing


The Wind in the Willows
Every entry in my 8-part series exploring Kenneth Grahame's classic book (alongside images from the various screen adaptations)

Remembering the Movies
A series exploring films released 10-100 years ago on a given weekend

The Video Gallery
Every chapter in my "32 Days of Movies" video-clip series


Magnolia South said...

Hi there. I'm presently reading through your noir tagged posts. I came across your Marlowe/Spade post last night and loved it so much I had my husband read it. That truly was not just an amazing essay but your writing is superb. :)

I tried looking and if I missed it I do apologize but I'd love to see your take on Cain's screen work. The books too, but I know it's easier to see a film then read several books. I saw your favorite noir was Laura (I'm reading that one next) but my personal favorite is Double Indemnity with Mildred Pierce a very close second. Personally, I felt like the Jack Nicholson/Jessica Lange film was better than than the Lana Turner version of The Postman Always Rings Twice, with the exception of Hume Cronin's performance, who steals the show.

Okay, now that I've overwhelmed you here, let's just say that your take on Double Indemnity is something I'd love to hear. Mildred Pierce is just another if you felt inclined.

Again, many thanks on your writings. I'm definitely going to subscribe to your posts!


Joel Bocko said...

Thanks! Somehow I missed this comment until today. I sadly haven't explored Cain's literature yet, aside from a few short stories. Maybe you have encouraged me to rectify that (I have started reading mysteries again lately, so it's good timing).

I also haven't seen the 80s version of Postman yet (interesting it came out the same year as Body Heat - quite a year for neo-noir!).

I don't have any plans to do that many reviews in the near future (unless I resume my capsule series on The Favorites in August), but I've been thinking about adapting some of my older reviews into video essays, writing narration to go along with clips from the films. Maybe I will try that approach with Marlowe/Spade although it will be tricky since a lot of that essay was based on what Chandler & Hammett wrote. Hm. Watch this spot...

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