Lost in the Movies: THE ARCHIVE Chapter 27: Characters Everywhere (January - May 2017)

THE ARCHIVE Chapter 27: Characters Everywhere (January - May 2017)

Throughout much of the previous year, I had been preparing a series of character studies, isolating and analyzing all members of the Twin Peaks ensemble from most minor to most major. In fact, I never quite reached those top characters; the premiere of the new Showtime season was scheduled for May 21 and despite a good head start I just could not wrap things up in time. Twenty stars remained for an eventual update of the character series, where they would be joined by an inevitable onslaught of new individuals.

Subjects outside that character series include an illustrated filmography of Sheryl Lee (in the works since 2014), a guest post promoting my video series (in the works for almost as long), a podcast segment on David Lynch's complicated politics, a celebration of Lynch's underrated The Straight Story, and my final video for Fandor Keyframe, about the superb O.J. Simpson documentary (with some reference to the acclaimed dramatic miniseries as well).

My highlight for this period is Top 30 "Hidden" Characters of the Original TWIN PEAKS (3rd Preface to TWIN PEAKS Character Series) which includes some characters who would become less hidden in The Return, thus remaining a time capsule of a soon-to-be-vanished era in Twin Peaks.


2017: The Year of Twin Peaks
Preparing for a year that will be dominated, almost exclusively, by Twin Peaks content

Journey Through Twin Peaks: Who-What-Where-When-Why-How, guest post "Welcome to Twin Peaks"
My Twin Peaks videos are highlighted by a guest post on the popular fan site, where I guide new viewers into their process and purpose

Sheryl Lee: illustrated filmography
You know her as Laura Palmer, but here's a line-up of many other fascinating roles from the talented actress

My Fandor Video Essays Have a New Home
Moving much of my video work to a new location

Introducing The TWIN PEAKS Character Series
Kicking off the first version of this series, based entirely in the first two seasons and Fire Walk With Me/The Missing Pieces.

(Very) Minor but (Somewhat) Notable Characters in the Original TWIN PEAKS (1st Preface to TWIN PEAKS Character Series)
Onscreen for a few moments, they still left a distinct impression

Top 30 "Hidden" Characters of the Original TWIN PEAKS (3rd Preface to TWIN PEAKS Character Series)
"Hidden" in various ways (some are not so hidden anymore), these characters didn't meet my initial criteria for inclusion in a standalone study so they're rounded up here

Julie (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #1)*
The concierge with just a couple minutes of screentime

* = indicates when a title has been altered from its original publication to reflect its eventual inclusion in a Return-updated character series; hence the discrepancy of numbers from entry to entry

Louie "Birdsong" Budway (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #2)*
The March of Twin Peaks Concierges continues

Trudy Chelgren (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #3)*
The Great Northern's reigning waitress/pianist

Randy St. Croix (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #4)*
Yet another concierge - but one who sticks around longer


Heidi (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #78)
A character who did end up returning in The Return - and whose actress jumped into the comments of this post to clarify a costuming question!

Nancy O'Reilly (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #5)*
Our first villain pops up in the series

"Little Nicky" Needleman (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #6)*
Everyone's favorite Twin Peaks character (to appear in a devil costume inside a thought bubble)

Daryl Lodwick (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #7)*
A nonchalant stranger comes to town and understands some things that more more enthusiastic visitors (and even residents themselves) don't

Sylvia Horne (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #74)
The exasperated Horne has a few brief but sharp appearances in the original series

FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #73)
Probably the biggest star to appear in the Twin Peaks world

Rusty Tomaski (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #8)*
The "Heavy Metal Youth" has a name, thank you very much (and even a theme song!)

Dougie Milford (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #9)*
Long before Mr. Jones, Twin Peaks featured another Dougie

Carl Rodd (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #70)
He's already gone places, he just wants to stay where he is

Einar Thorson (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #10)*
Icelanders just want to have fun

Johnny Horne (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #68)
Another Horne with emotional problems (they run in the family)

Jones (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #11)*
A woman who grows more compelling when she leaves her boss' shadow

Invitation to Love (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #12)*
The first collective entry - these individuals tell their own stories while also commenting on the larger story of the town

Lost in the Movies Gets a Makeover: February 2017 Status Update (including Ben Dixon call-in: "divorce the Democrats"?)
Updating and streamlining the site, with a new URL, backdrop, and commenting platform

Thomas Eckhardt (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #13)*
The man with fire in his eyes

Tim Pinkle (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #14)*
Disaster of all trades, master of none

Teresa Banks (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #15)*
The initial mystery girl, whom we hear about in the pilot, isn't seen until the end of the original Twin Peaks cycle

Vivian Niles (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #62)
Norma's mother - or is she? (We'd have to wait until Mark Frost's second book to find out more...)

Jonathan Kumagai (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #16)*
Josie's mysterious associate takes a long time to properly introduce himself

NOT JUST O.J.: 7 Subjects in O.J.: Made in America (video essay)
My last Fandor video looks at both halves of the Oscar-winning documentary's title - what does the film tell us not just about O.J. Simpson but also the society that created, worshipped, and criticized him?

Sheriff Cable (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #17)*
The Deer Meadow sheriff is played by one of several Abraham Lincoln impersonators associated with Twin Peaks

Malcolm Sloan (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #18)*
The chauffeur has a lot he'd like to let you know...


FBI Agent Roger Hardy (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #19)*
The FBI sends Internal Affairs to Twin Peaks (and facilitates a brief Mod Squad reunion)

Room Service Waiter (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #20)*
Slow and steady delivers the message

Deputy Cliff Howard (TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus #21)*
An amusing background character in Fire Walk With Me becomes a callback to a throwaway line in the pilot

Mountie Preston King (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #83)*
Here comes Dudley Do-Wrong

Judge Clinton Sternwood (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #82)*
An authority figure who "gets" Twin Peaks - and yet...

Emory Battis (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #80)*
As cowardly as he is sleazy

Betty Briggs (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #52)
The rare individual who can pull off a smiley-face pin at a funeral

DEA Agent Denise Bryson (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #51)
One of the few in mid-season 2 whom we can laugh with rather than at

Black Rose "Blackie" O'Reilly (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #72)*
Every rose has its thorns, as demonstrated by the madam of One Eyed Jack's

The Singer (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #49)
A singer who is never named, yet whose name we all know

Margaret "The Log Lady" Lanterman (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #48)
One of the most treasured members of the Twin Peaks ensemble has surprisingly brief screentime in the original series

Andrew Packard (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #69)*
Twin Peaks' grand patriarch hides in his estate, plots against his ex, indulges in pointless games, and brokers international business while his town reels from tragedy. Seems about right.

Ernie Niles (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #46)
Hyperhidrosis nearly undoes the poor sap

Jacques Renault (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #64)*
One of the few actors to be directed equally by Mark Frost and David Lynch

Ronette Pulaski (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #61)*
A survivor who kept coming back when her story was supposed to be over, revealing someone who just might be the key to Laura's arc as well as a compelling figure in her own right

Jean Renault (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #58)*
His storyline subtly links Cooper to Leo and Leland

Mayor Dwayne Milford (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #57)*
Another town father who isn't really there for his community, although his reasons differ from Andrew Packard's

Lana Budding Milford (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #56)*
From Mayor Milford to President Trump, Lana has certainly worked her way up the political ladder (if not much else can be said for that trajectory)

Phillip Gerard (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #53)*
The shoe salesman sheds light on Twin Peaks' supernatural mythos (and, for that matter, the FBI's and sheriff department's rampant abuse of power!)

Eileen Hayward (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #39)
Even this seemingly placid character has a secret to conceal

John Justice Wheeler (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #49)*
Swooping in to sweep Audrey off her feet before returning to his home planet

FBI Chief Gordon Cole (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #37)

Harold Smith (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #48)*
What secrets bloom in Harold's hidden greenhouse?


Evelyn Marsh (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #46)*
She has more screentime than the Log Lady or Gordon Cole in the original series, believe it or not

Mike Nelson (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #34)
Snake sliters into a high spot on the combined strength of his early-season nastiness and late-season goofiness

FBI Agents Chester "Chet" Desmond and Sam Stanley (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #42)*
Two in one, dividing Cooper's talents between them but unable to sync up

Annie Blackburn (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #32)
A whirlwind romance that leads to an ominous flashlit entry into Glastonbury Grove

Dick Tremayne (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #38)*
Dapper Dick comes between Andy and Lucy for a bit of comic relief

Jerry Horne (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #30)
A brother better appreciated for his culinary tastes than his legal skills

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #29)
The town shrink is a quintessentially Twin Peaks presence although he'd probably rather be in Hawaii

Hank Jennings (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #36)*
The disingenuous hood makes an odd fit for Twin Peaks although I tend to appreciate his contribution more than many

Nadine Hurley (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #27)
You're (not) only eighteen once!

Windom Earle (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #26)
A supervillain undercuts the town's security - and the show's premise - from outside

The TWIN PEAKS Character Series will resume in late April/early May
The first of several pauses in quick succession; I couldn't keep up with the ever-longer character studies and the new season loomed on the horizon

FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #25)
His concerns are global. He rejects absolutely revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a message...is love. We love you, Albert Rosenfield.

Sarah Palmer (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #24)
Even before the dramatic, radical interventions of season 3, Sarah offered plenty of rich, compelling material to work with (resulting in what's probably my strongest opening synopsis)

Madeleine "Maddy" Ferguson (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #32)*
An archly winking debut and a profoundly shocking exit

Major Garland Briggs, USAF (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #22)
Exploring the skies above and the earth below


Twin Peaks Character Series - a pause (but the same deadline)
Another pause in my character series, still hoping I'd be able to finish it before The Return

Lost in Twin Peaks #6: discussing the TWIN PEAKS Character Series w/ Twin Peaks Unwrapped
Talking about my character series in another podcast segment

Twin Peaks Unwrapped, featuring speculation about new Twin Peaks with me & John Thorne
As the third season rapidly approaches, we offer some tentative speculation

Fire Walk With Me: a 4-part correspondence with Tony Dayoub on the Twin Peaks movie
Re-uniting and re-presenting my 2014 series after some time offline

Lost in Twin Peaks #7: discussing the politics of David Lynch & Twin Peaks w/ Twin Peaks Unwrapped
Breaking down Lynch's convoluted, evolving worldview through both his work and his personal statements (a year before his Trump incident)

The Spirits of Twin Peaks (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #21)
The last character study (before rebooting the series) covers not one but many characters in different manifestations

The Straight Story: a discussion w/ John Thorne and Twin Peaks Unwrapped
A podcast gathers Twin Peaks fans to discuss The Straight Story, one of Lynch's most unusual films (and one of my favorites)

The Character Series will resume this summer - new Twin Peaks coverage begins immediately after the premiere
The final pause in the character series, which did not actually resume for years

(I covered this period on Episode 25 of my Patreon podcast)

Next: Living in the Return (May - December 2017)
(in which I respond in real time to the third season of Twin Peaks)

Previous: Awaiting the Good and Bad (November 2016 - January 2017)

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